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If you own multiple Twitter accounts and find it difficult to manage all of them simultaneously, Tweet Adder is the best option for you! Tweet Adder allows you to do a lot more than just managing your Twitter accounts.

Made by the company which is behind several marketing software, Tweet Adder is the best software available on the market for Twitter marketing. While several other Twitter marketing software just allow you to follow or unfollow people, delete all tweets, schedule tweets Tweet Adder allows you to do a lot more than this. With Tweet Adder you can search Twitter better with a variety of hardcore filters like location, language, keyword, time, tweets with or without the default profile picture, tweets with or without any URLs, etc. Tweet Adder also comes with an automated tweet search module which locates Twitter users matching the specified keywords or filters. A few other modules include Profile Data Search, Location Search, Twitter List Search, Followers of a User, Followed by a User and several result-based filters which help you find more targeted people than ever on Twitter.

Tweet Adder successfully allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. If you work for a company or if you are a freelance marketer, this tool proves to be helpful as it helps you manage several Twitter accounts including that of your clients with ease. You can pre-program Tweet Adder and it will perform tasks on its own without you or your clients having to look at it even once! You can check the reports though.

With Tweet Adder you also get to auto-follow and auto-unfollow Twitter users. You have a wide range of options which allow you to limit the number of follows per day, auto start/stop function, follower ration maintenance, etc. You are also able to view the history of your Twitter account or accounts. A database containing details about your account, your followers, who followed you first, which keyword was used to get those followers, etc is maintained by Tweet Adder.

Tweet Adder comes with many modules some of which I mentioned above. There’s a module which allows you to automatically post tweets and automatically send direct messages to retain your Twitter followers and to gain new ones. Tweet Adder can retweet tweets from other users automatically, can post a random tweet to someone who mentions you, can generate tweets automatically based on the latest trends, etc.

Tweet Adder also contains a tool to check the latest trends and historical trends. You can research trends too. Further you can import proxy lists into Tweet Adder to keep your Twitter account from getting banned. Tweet Adder has variety of packages which can be used on multiple computers, has no recurring fees, comes with free updates and support for life and much more.

Here are the latest Tweet Adder coupon codes! We update this list with the latest Tweet Adder coupon code regularly.

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Before you use the coupon, please close all the open tabs and clear your browser cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Delete). If you don’t do this, the coupon won’t work. After you’ve cleared the cookies, visit this link and use the above coupon code. The coupon will not work otherwise.

The above are the only available Tweet Adder coupon codes. Keep visiting for more of them!

How to use the Tweet Adder coupon code?

Redeeming a Tweet Adder coupon code is very easy. You probably need just 2 minutes to redeem one!

Click here to open the Tweet Adder sales page.

Click on the Purchase tab and select any of the four available options – 1 Profile, 5 Profiles, 10 Profiles & Unlimited Profiles which cost $55, $74, $110 and $188 respectively. Select a package carefully as it’s directly proportional to the price you are supposed to pay & the features too. I prefer buying the unlimited profiles package as it allows me to manage unlimited Twitter accounts and thus I am able to manage my clients accounts too! Select the plan you wish to buy. You’d automatically be redirected to the checkout page.

Return to this page and copy any one of the Tweet Adder coupon codes we’ve listed above. Don’t memorize it, copy it carefully!

On the checkout page there’s a field Coupon Code; paste the coupon code you copied in last step in the text box provided and then click on the Apply button. Once you hit the Apply button, the coupon code will be applied to your invoice and the discount will be reflected in the bill.

In case this doesn’t happen, there may be a mistake in the coupon or the coupon code you use might have expired. Re-visit this page, copy another Tweet Adder discount coupon code and follow the above step once again. I bet the coupon will work this time! Congratulations, you just redeemed the tweetadder coupon code successfully!

Fill the billing information – name, email, address, phone number, pin code, city, state, country, etc. Fill the payment information. Enter the name on your credit card, your credit card number, the three digit number on the back side of your card. If you have a PayPal account, you can check out using it with just a click!

Optionally fill the last field where they ask you about how you discovered Tweet Adder. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the Submit Order button.

This is all you need to do in order to use the Tweet Adder coupon code. I hope you had no problem following this short guide. In case you have any questions about using the above Tweet Adder discount code, contact me and I will be happy to answer them. Not to forget, in case you decide to upgrade your license in future, come here back and you’d be surprised to see the latest Tweet Adder coupon code!

Tweet Adder Discount

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    pls reply if u provide trial period.
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