Blog Names Generator – The Best 3

By Saksham Talwar

Choosing a perfect blog name is one of the most important steps you must focus on when you are starting a new blog because a it is something which will help you get known, something which will help people remember you & your blog, something which will help you establish yourself and your blog as a brand. In short it is everything! If you are looking for a good blog name, here’s how you can get some ideas easily using one of our blog name generators! Here are the top 3. I have already used these to register a handful of good sounding names and I really hope you use them too and like them as well!

Blog Name Generator

1. Wordoid

Doesn’t the name sound unique or probably a mixture of two words? This is what Wordoid actually does! Wordoid helps you generate awesome blog names by combining multiple words of your choice. Wordoid also allows you to select a language of your choice to be used in your blog name. If you want your blog name to be short or not longer than a certain number of letters, Wordoid allows you to configure the length of your blog name as well! Wordoid even lets you choose the position of the words you chose above in the generated blog names. If you want, Wordoid can generate completely natural sounding blog names or if you want it can even generate artificial (almost natural & hardly natural) blog names for you! In case you are looking to generate a blog name quickly (good if you want to generate a brandable blog name), you can simply hit the ‘Create’ button and Wordoid will display some unique blog names using it’s awesome blog name generator algorithm.

Wordoids are made-up words in short. They are good to hear, good to say and good for naming services or for branding a blog. I have used Wordoid many times in the past and it has never let me down and it has always helped me random, yet cool blog names!

2. Online Generator

Online generator gives you no options, no settings, nothing! You just have to keep hitting the ‘Generate blog name’ button and Online Generator will keep suggesting you some superb blog names. Online Generator is not as awesome as the first blog name generator we shared, Wordoid.

Online generator is no doubt a decent blog name generator service. A few names Online Generator suggested me were faxlax, statcane, kanzap, etc. The words are good to speak and look creative too, but the fact that you cannot configure anything i.e. you cannot get niche specific blog names, makes me prefer Wordoid over Online Generator. But still if you don’t mind spending ten seconds trying out a new blog name generator, try out Online Generator, after all it’s a free blog name maker.

3. Gzzt

Sounds funny? It’s isn’t! Gzzt comes with two options – Funky and Formal. You just have to choose one of them and click on ‘Generate Name’ button to see Gzzt in action. With each click it will give you two blog titles / blog names. If you like the blog name suggestions, you can simply visit any domain name registration site like United Domains and register the blog name. If you don’t like the blog names suggested by Gzzt, simply hit the Generate Name button again to see some more blog name suggestions.

Gzzt seriously is a very simple name generator and all it has is a small Generate Name button & a few banners which are not features after all!

Now that you know the best blog name generators available, here are some steps to help you generate a perfect blog name.

We’ve listed some steps to help you generate a blog name for a new blog using some cool blog name generators. Follow all the steps to generate a perfect blog name!


1. Select a niche (blogging, tech, etc.)

2. Make a list of few words you want to be present in your blog name (blogging, junction, name, gen, etc.)

3. Finalize a few words you prefer the most & want to be there in your blog name (blogging, name in my case.)

4. Use one of the below blog name generators to generate a good blog name. You will need the above details, so remember it or better save it in a notepad file.

All the blog name generators mentioned above are completely free to use! Do try these blog name generators and let us know if these blog names generators helped you generate cool blog names. Also do let us know your favorite blog name generator. My favorite blogs name generator is Wordoid.

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  1. Isha Singh says:

    Really it’s a headache to find a good domain name. Hope these tools can help in generating some best domain names.

  2. Nice tools,Will give a try.Thanks for share. :P

  3. Tech Crates says:

    Great tools …… will give them a try :-) Thanks for the share !!

  4. Kira@SEO Blogging says:

    These tool are really new to me. Thanks for sharing. This is important because naming a blog is one of the crucial factors to gain reputation and good ranking. I’ve read from Matt Cutt’s analysis about how search engines especially Google targeting websites and blog names in their organic rankings. Which is better from the 3?

  5. Awesome post dude.. these tools are amazing.

  6. mas raden says:

    wow cool. . . thanks for your info .. . thats very useful fo me. . .

  7. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says:

    Great tools, very helpful!

  8. Great tools! Will give them a try.thanks for sharing.

  9. says:

    well thats intresting.i m usually so confused while thinking of a domain name …thanks for these tools :-)

  10. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Now a days it is really difficult get a good domain name.But by using this tools anyone can find a good domain name easily.

  11. TechChunks says:

    Great tools for domain name generation. But I doubt if they can ever be as good as names designed by acute thinking and lot of research.

    • Gregory C. says:


      I wouldn’t advise trying to build a premium site off of a randomly generated name from tools such as these, but it could be good for micro sites.

  12. John Dias says:

    I wish I had known all this before. How much time and energy I have spent in finding good names for my blogs. It used to exhaust me by the end of the day and I finally compromised with not so great names. Now when I know about these three blog name generators, I can get the right names for my upcoming blogs. I am so relaxed now. Thanks a ton.

  13. Try – Nice, clean interface, use them for all my domains, never had trouble

  14. top ten zoom says:

    you forgot one very important tool
    anwz all this above given info is wonderful thanks

  15. There is also a good one called Let’s name!

  16. Anushka Sharma says:

    cool tools to find a blog name easily, thanks..

  17. Daniel White says:

    I’ve heard about name generators and what not for like games or stories, but this is the first time I’ve ever come across blog names generator.

    Seems impractical, but could provide some good and interesting ideas for that next random blog of yours.

  18. Adam Trask says:

    We are Wordoid fans!

  19. Hey, this is awesome…I was really confused about how to decide the blog name…thanks a lot for making it so easy….

  20. Spinner Smith says:

    No love for Fakeword? The abstract domain name generator there is good. It mixes up abstract part-words with pseudo words and modern suffixes like “tron”,”ster”,”ggle” etc. Worth looking at for abstract web2.0 style names.

  21. Nice blog name generators you have here!

  22. I have struggled to come up with good blog names for some time now, but your information is going to make my life so much easier.

    These three blog naming sites are just what I have needed.

    Thank You for taking the time to post this info to your blog.

  23. Thanks dude.. meybe latteri will try this..

  24. Bangla Choti says:

    It seems very easy to pick up a good blog name after reading your article about blog name generator.

    I thank you from the core of my heart for that.

    Your Generator helped me a lot to generate a good name for my blog.

    Thanks again.

  25. Sahil Kotak says:

    Great tools, I’ve always been in trouble for finding a good name when starting a blog. Now, this tools will be very helpful for me.


  26. good thing there’s such thing, just to lessen the burden.LOL

  27. Roofer Nottingham says:

    Wordoid seems the best out of the three, but I have to wonder how useful one of these are as far as indexing for google etc. Surely it would be better to just use real words that people actually use? I don’t think google can recognise part of a word can it?

  28. saksham! you are right! its hard to find good blog Name, all good names are already taken. I too like wordoid.
    Try BustaName, also nice tool.

  29. rakesh kumar says:

    These are only the probability generator not a Good quality name generator for your blogging success. The most successful blog names are not generated it was carefully thought. Even your blog name – blogging junction. For the Lamers – These are the best tools ~ Rakesh kumar

  30. i want a really creative name

  31. ayush karan says:

    its mind breaking man!! see after reading your blog i got my domain…thanks for sharing..:)

  32. I really get confused sometimes about the blog name thanks for making it easy, these three blog naming sites are just what I have needed, really helpful blog, thanks for sharing.

  33. Chiranjeev says:

    Nice list of blog name generators tools. Will give a try.. Thanks for sharing.


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