Top 10 Attention-Getting Blog Niches

By Guest Author

Blogging used to be something people did just for their friends and family, but they eventually started to realize that there were ways they could make money talking about the kinds of things that mattered to them. Through affiliates and ads – and even through people who wanted to donate to them – they could make money just for saying what they thought. If you want to make money blogging, though, you’ll generally have to do something that hasn’t been done to death by everyone else. To help you get started, here are the top 10 attention-getting blog niches.


1. Recipes, Cooking, and Food

Bonus points if you choose a particular niche inside of that niche, like a certain country’s cuisine.

2. Nutrition and Sports

You can mix these together and talk about sports nutrition, or you can simply choose one. Either way you go, you’re bound to get readers.

3. Celebrities

Everyone likes to know what Snooki is doing. Apparently.

4. Weight Loss

Losing weight is big business. Even people who fall into a normal weight-range are generally concerned about keeping weight off.

5. Technology

Gadgets and gizmos are interesting, especially to the younger generation. They want to know what’s up and coming, and you can help them continue to learn.

6. Cars and Related Motoring Issues

If you pick a specific area of the car world to focus on, you could have even more success, but a general car blog is still good.

7. Fashion

Many people are very interested in the latest fashion trends. If you blog often and provide a lot of good pictures, you’ll be more likely to establish a following that will make you some money.

8. Photography

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Let your photography speak for itself, and make sure people know that you’re interested in working as a photographer (if you are), so you can pick up clients.

9. How to Make Money Online

This is one of the most widely-searched-for terms out there. Everyone wants to make easy money online and you can give them suggestions that will keep them coming back.

10. Movies and Games

The latest releases, cheats, and great screen-shots keep people interested in your gaming information. You can also provide movie reviews. Bonus points if you tie the movies and games into one another somehow, like through a common theme or an analysis of a character. No need to get too deep, though.

So, there you have it. It’s possible to make money blogging in other niches, or by blogging more
generally, but it’s not as likely that you’ll do well when you don’t have a specific niche that you
focus on – or when that niche isn’t popular or doesn’t have much of a following. Blog about
what you’re interested in, but choose from the things you’re passionate about so that you can pick something others want to read.

You can even go as far as making a career out of blogging – studying communications in college would be a good place to start. Either way you go about, blogs aren’t going away any time soon.

Jayson Jones is an art student with a focus in Fashion Design. He’s an amateur blogger, and you can find his work at, or follow him on Twitter @jaysonjonez.
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  1. Vibin @ Techfume says:

    No “blogging tips” niche?? :D

  2. Vibin @ Techfume says:

    Looks like BJ is using Pop up domination.

  3. Saket Jajodia says:

    I am most interested in No. 5. Technology…

  4. Network Disaster Recovery says:

    Technology is a great one. It is constantly changing, so there is always something going on.

  5. I find technology blogs interesting as that is my field of study although if the blog is too in-depth and I am not looking for direct help with an issue, than I would rather not read a post.

  6. cirrusdance says:

    Which one is the best especially for adsense?

  7. jim stewart says:

    yep healthcare , technology and manufacturing are bound to be high growth sectors and especially in emerging markets such as china and india where they are having growth rates at 9-10% .. those are markets which are bound to grow in the future !

  8. Alex@Jocuri says:

    To paraphrase Steve Scott I think niches can be categorize like “health, wealth, relationships, and passions” and all the others are just derivatives from this 4.

    Of course, for blogs I guess the best niche is MMO and something related with link building and traffic generation. This kind of blogs have lots of visitors and convert pretty well, because there are a lot of products on the market for it.

  9. Where’s the love/ romance / relationship niche? ;)

  10. I think the make money online niche is the most interesting and gets a lot of attention!

  11. website specialists says:

    Good picks. Foods and recipes are my thing and next is photography.:D

  12. Too bad I am good in none of the above top niches! What to do?

  13. Kaushik Biswas says:

    Very common topics but interestingly said here. Actually, there are some more attention-getting niche available depending on specific geographic areas. Like education blogs sites that tell us of competitive exams are quite popular because everybody wants a good career graph in life.

    Try to include more niche ideas into this post. Helpful for many.

    • Anonymous says:

      The niches mentioned in these post are the best top 10 as felt by the writer Kaushik. Education is no doubt another good niche. I will surely make it a point to include in my next post on this topic.

  14. No “music” niche? :D

  15. Hi ,really like your blog ,because are very interesting articles here ,I will return later for new items.
    Take care of you !

    Jocuri’s last blog post ..jocuri barbie

  16. Good post, I liked it. I have my technology news blog at which has ads of adsense on it but very low earning on it, what can I do, Should I change my Niche or to improve it before, please give me tip

    • Register a new domain and start a new blog is what I will suggest you. Choose a good niche. You can search it for using Google Keyword Tool.

  17. Ron - SEO Copywriting Blog says:

    Well…personal development and lifestyle are great niches too…you missed out a couple I guess!

  18. Thanks for the amazing list…. already i’m blogging around technology and games


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