ThesisDiscounts.Com Review – Thesis Bonus Site!

By Saksham Talwar

Using WordPress for your site? Yes? If Yes, I bet you know the most popular and the best SEO optimized theme for WordPress! For those who don’t know that theme, its Thesis! The most popular and the most praised theme for SEO is Thesis! Not only does it look simple, but it also very helpful in increasing search engine rankings. Everyone wants to buy thesis, but the only thing that restricts one from buying it is it’s price! For many its not too high, but for a few it is! A personal license of Thesis theme costs about $87. The price if very very low if compared to the benefits this great theme offers. This theme is not only easy to use but is also very fast and highly SEO optimized! People keep searching for discounts on this great theme, but it’s very hard to find discounts on it anywhere! This is because the price is too less for the value this theme offers. Still want discounts on this theme? I know a site where you can get more than double of the amount you spend on this great theme! The site is named Thesis Theme Discount. This site gives you huge discounts and bonuses if you purchase the Thesis theme. Some weeks ago the site gave discounts on Thesis theme. But due to recent changes in Thesis terms and conditions, one cannot give a cash discount, money back, coupons, cash rebate etc on purchase of Thesis theme. One can only offer bonuses to ones purchasing the Thesis theme. Due to the change in Thesis terms and conditions this site now offers about $477 thesis theme bonus!

When You Buy A Thesis Theme Personal Option You Get,

1.) DIY Thesis Customization User Guide worth $97 DIY Thesis Customization User Guide includes:

  • 99 pages of Thesis users tutorials
  • 60 Thesis Video Tutorials
  • Thesis Theme Header Customization
  • Thesis Theme Navigation Menu Customization
  • Thesis Theme Content Menu Customization
  • Thesis Theme Sidebar Customization
  • Thesis Theme Footer Customization
  • Thesis Theme Social Book marking Customization

When You Buy A Thesis Theme Developer’s Option You Get,

1.) DIY Thesis Customization User Guide worth $97 A must have guide to design your thesis skin!

2.) Easy Blog Traffic (Worth $89 ) Includes PDFs, MP3 and video tutorials from Top bloggers to help you get instant blog traffic. This is a very useful guide!

3.) Insider SEO Revealed (Worth $39 ) All that you need to know to reach to the top of Search Engines This guide will help you reach the top of search engines. This will help you increase traffic to your blog.

4.) Twitter Marketing Power (Worth $77 ) Harness the power social media to get massive traffic from Twitter, the guide will teach you how to get more followers for your product or service. As Twitter is becoming an important tool for getting traffic I suggest you reading this e-book.

5.) 350 Social Media Traffic Tactics (Worth $97) Over 350 social media tactics to get traffic from social media sites like Digg, Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn, Stumble upon, You Tube and Squidoo. This is like an instant traffic generator!

6.) You Tube Made Simple โ€“ Video Series (Worth $77 ) Includes 16 video Tutorials to make stunning You Tube videos to market your products or services. This pack contains some must watch videos that can help you go viral on Youtube. When you purchase Thesis theme you will get total benefits of $477!! The bonuses you will get after purchasing the theme will help you get good traffic to your blog and generate an even bigger amount of money with your blog.

I feel that the bonuses you get after purchasing the theme are far better than normal discounts or cash backs as these bonuses are more valuable in terms of money as well as in content. Buy thesis now!

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  1. The only reason I do not have a thesis theme is the cost. A discount would be great!

    • Anonymous says:

      Even I like discounts. I am planning to buy that theme soon from the site I mentioned in the review.

  2. I have been very curious about Thesis…….it seems to be the latest craze out there, as it appears to be a highly scalable solution…..

    Thanks for the heads up on this deal, as it looks as if it may have enough perks to get me off of the fence….

  3. That’s nice.. But i like my theme.. especially Green blending in my theme

  4. jeff@givingplants says:

    I haven’t tried buying a theme for my site or blog. I just rely on what are the available options only that does not require subscriptions or money. THanks for the post by the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I try finding free alternatives to the premium themes. I’m lucky and always find some themes that suit my needs.

  5. Tech2connect says:

    A Thesis theme is excellent for designing a blog according to a bloger’s demand. This Discount is really useful for all.

  6. This theme is very powerful. And also you don’t need SEO plugin for wordpress if you are using this theme

  7. car wash tampa says:

    What’s a nice wordpress theme that looks like this website

  8. Thanks for the info. I could really use some tips on what makes your blog popular. Great blog by the way :)


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