Technorati Media Advertisements – How To Apply & Things You Need To Know About It

By Saksham Talwar

Whenever I meet a new blogger online or when I write about Adsense, I get to read a common thing “Adsense didn’t approve my account’. To guys who have been disapproved by Adsense, don’t worry! There are lots of ad networks out there. One of them is Technorati Media. You might have seen many sites using Technorati ads and believe me Technorati ads pay quite good (not more than Adsense though).

If you’re struggling for Adsense approval, for time being you can join Technorati Media to server advertisements on your blog. It doesn’t approve you automatically, but has a less set of requirements I think helping you get approval quickly.

Why Use Technorati Advertisements?

1. Good Adsense alternative.

2. Higher approval rate.

3. Pays considerably good amount.

How To Apply For Technorati Media?

1. Visit this link and fill in all the required data and click on the continue button.

Remember you fill data accurately in order to get approval quickly.

2. At the next page you will be asked to fill in details about ad spots you are interested in displaying, your site traffic, existing advertising partners and a few more fields. At the next screen you will have to accept the advertising terms and you’re all set to go!

3. You will get an e-mail from Technorati shortly after you submit your Technorati application.

4. If your site meets Technorati network’s requirements, you will get an approval letter soon.

Though I got approved within 2 hours, I will recommend you to wait for 48 hours. They won’t take that long, but it’s always good to be patient :)

5. Once your account is approved, you have to verify your domain name just like you verify Google webmasters account.

6. Once everything is done, a final review is done by Technorati team and once it’s completed they will send you a set of tags you can use to display Technorati advertisements in your blog or websites.

Hi Saksham,

We have generated your Technorati Media ad tags and encourage you to integrate them into your site.  Please verify that your tags are displaying properly before setting them live.

Technorati Media Ad Tags Below:

160×600 – BloggingJunction: BloggingJunction


300×250 – BloggingJunction: BloggingJunction


300×250,300×600 – BloggingJunction: BloggingJunction


728×90 – BloggingJunction: BloggingJunction


Best Regards,

Technorati Media

7. You will also get your login information to track your ad stats and earnings.

Let us know if you already use Technorati ads on your blog and your experience with it.

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  1. nice one saksham…but what would be in the tax information….
    and i can see the technorati tags on ur blog till now

    • Anonymous says:

      You can leave it empty. It’s for US residents I suppose.

      Well I signed up at Technorati Media just to write this post ;-) Not sure when I will implement it in my blogs.

  2. accesgame says:

    technocratimedia vs adsense, who’s the best?

  3. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says:

    Very Informative. Thanks!

  4. online education says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, i really like your post once again thanks

  5. Tech Crates says:

    Technorati media is worth giving a try…. as an adsense alternative.. BTW great share Saksham :-)

  6. I have not used Technorati media before, but it looks promising. Anyway, for the time being, I will stick with AdSense since my earning with AdSense is very good and solid! I just love AdSense!

  7. kitchen countertops says:

    Really nice post, Once again you’ve shared a very great information to a great article… And yes Technorati is very nice to advertise… I’m using Technorati for all my advertisement…. I always treasure This great share …

  8. I was planning on submitting application on technorati cause I’ve seen their ads and it’s very nice thought it could be a good alternative for my adsense but just wondering if they accept publishers that’s not a US resident….

  9. the world latest technology says:

    Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post.. i am so glad to left comment on this..

  10. exterior french doors says:

    You have a right indeed point, yes its true Technorati have a really good service in advertisement… I’m so glad leaving a comment in this page….

  11. Sangram Nandkhile says:

    i am just being curious..
    do they accept Blogspot blogs ?

    I am having blogspot blog with around 15,000 page views per month..

    according to me my blog’s design and placements are okay..but i think getting technorati media would be difficult..

    Do they accept most of the applications or decline it ?
    I know u cant speak on TM’s behalf still..

    what would you suggest me ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I haven’t seen TM ads on any Blogspot blog, but as I am not their official representative I can’t exactly comment if they will accept your blog.

      I think No. Well there’s no harm in trying out or contacting them for an official reply on your query :)

      • Sangram Nandkhile says:

        U cant speak on TM’s behalf..
        i will try contacting the support,,

        • Anonymous says:

          Sure, please do let us know what they reply :)

        • Technoratimedia accepts blogspot blogs. I just got approved a few days ago. But not sure whether I will go with it or not.

          And yeah, you are true. Many well known CPM advertiser doesn’t approve blogspot. But TechnoratiMedia isn’t one of them.

  12. sanufdutta says:

    Thanks! for the information about Technorati Media,now i’m totally ensure that they will approve my website.

  13. I was searching which is the best alternative for ad sense. You have clearly mentioned all things. Thanks man!!

  14. Waleed Ahmad says:

    What is the Traffic Limit For this Ad Network. Are .Blogspot Allowed to apply and Get approval for ads..?

    • I have not tried Blogspot, but if your blog gets decent traffic you may just get approved!

      • Waleed Ahmad says:

        Yesterday i applied for the network and got that mail…

        Thank you for submitting your application to Technorati Media. Your application was reviewed by our staff for potential inclusion in our advertising network. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve FashionInfoToday because it is not a fit for our network at this time.

        Please note that if you have submitted other website applications to the network, these applications will be reviewed separately. You will receive an additionl email communicating the site’s acceptance or denial to the network.

        Thank you for considering us.

        Best Regards,

        Technorati Media

        my blog is on .blog spot and i am only getting a 150+ hits of traffic per day. i don’t know the reason, but i think so my traffic is not enough for their media Or may be My application is not approved because of the Blogger sub domain, .Blog spot. Now what you think why they didn’t approve my application…???

        • Waleed Ahmad says:

          we are unable to approve FashionInfoToday because it is not a fit for our network at this time. This Line Shows that its because of my low traffic.. And its is not fit and May be in future if my traffic becomes high then may be they will approve my request.

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you are right. I think you should get a domain?!

            • Waleed Ahmad says:

              I want to buy a domain, but i am little bit confused about the Domain transfer., i read many articles, and find out that all my pictures will disapper after the Transfer to a custom domain through blogger. what you think about this…? well i am sure that there will be no problem with the post in the blogs, but i am confused about the Images.

            • VarshaKarthick says:

              In many places I have come acrossed Technorati media, but I have never given any interest to know about that.But today I come to know its an alternative to google adsene.Thanks for your information, keep writing useful and informative news always.

        • Anonymous says:

          First of all I feel sorry for you.

          I think it’s due to the following factors,
          Blogspot sub-domain
          Less traffic
          Entertainment niche (may be)

          I have a few questions.

          Are all your articles original? Do they comprise of text content or images only?

          • Waleed Ahmad says:

            Yes i asked them and they replied that,

            Hi Waleed,

            Thanks for your email. We do not accept subdomains which are not owned by the owner of the site, such as blogspot, weebly, etc. There are a few other qualifications we process for new sites as well. We look at all aspects of traffic, US traffic, site quality, etc.


            The Publisher Team
            Technorati Media

            so what if i ll buy my own custom domain and my traffic is increasing day by day, and it will increase, but what is the problem with the Entertainment niche, They don’t have Entertainment niche targeted ads…??? well Whatever in need to monetize my blog with something, i got the adsense account, but they disabled my account, may be that due to low traffic. what you think so..?

            I used that for two months when my payment reaches the threshold, they disabled my account by saying that there is an invalid click activity on your blog. :(

            • Anonymous says:


              There is nothing wrong with entertainment niche. But this niche ads usually pay very less.

              So sorry for the Adsense thing. Someone may have click-bombed your advertisements!

              • Waleed Ahmad says:

                Yes there is nothing i can do for the adsense now, But i am searching for a good ad network for monetizing my blog, do you have some ideas? i applied for clicksor, and adbrite, and gets accepted but they don’t have ads, and they always display click here for buy ad space, Luminate ads are good, but they are not working for 15 days, i don’t know what is the problem with them, there is message on the dashboard that overlay ads have some problem, they have good ads like adsense and they pay some handsome amount for the clicks, But i want some banner ads too, they are only for images.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I use Technorati, Harren Media and Adsense. They are my favorites! I don’t think any other ad networks work as you want them to.

                  • Waleed Ahmad says:

                    Google adsense works according to content of your site, no other network works like that i think so..But the first thing is that i need to buy a custom domain through blogger, otherwise no one will help me Get a good ad network publisher account and of course the second think is to improve the ranking, and i am sure that i am working Hard to get a good rank..Best of luck to me..:P

          • Waleed Ahmad says:

            Yes all my posts are original, you can check them. when ever you search them on google, I am using the luminate ads for the pictures, they are good and their earnings are also good. but this is not a good way of monetizing a blog.

            • Anonymous says:

              Yeah, text ads and image ads like Adsense are much better!

              So I guess the only problem is traffic and the subdomain.

  15. Guess i have to wait for Tags related email before that everything is done. Saksham is that mean no more red tapes?

    • They will send you the tags soon after your account is approved. In case they have a problem, they will email you as well.

  16. Abyssal Chronicles says:

    Hi, just like to say that I’m a TM user here. So far, my experience has been OK. They do pay good, but I’m wondering, has anyone here ever gotten paid by them? I know they have a net 60 rule for payments once you reach the $50 threshold, and I’ve reached mine around a month ago. I’m just looking for payment proofs, I guess?

    • Hey, I think you should try reaching their support team. It will help you in sorting out the issue. It’s a reputed company and it has paid several of my friends. They do pay I want to say! I tried TM for quite few months and later shifted to Harren Media. In case you like TM, you may like HM as well ;)

      • Abyssal Chronicles says:

        I’ll take your word for it then :). How long do I usually have to wait for the payment though? And what was the reason you shifted to Harren Media though?

        • Sure! :)
          TM works on NET60 mode i.e. they pay 60 days after your account reaches the minimum amount i.e. $50. You can use the reporting system ( to calculate your revenue and payment dates. Go to the “Report Parameters” section and set “Date Range” to “Lifetime” and “Interval” to “Month”. Click “Run Report”.

          I hope that works. Actually the guys at Harren Media invite me to try their ad network, so I decided to give them a try. They are pretty good too!

          • Abyssal Chronicles says:

            I see…

            By the way, the Technorati Media Portal has been down for me since yesterday. Is it the same for everyone else, too? Their ads and stuff still show up, but I’m suddenly worried :(.

            • Their ads are based on another server, that could be the reason that you see the ads. I didn’t try logging into Technorati Media yesterday or probably didn’t login since a week. Just tried now and it’s not opening even now.

  17. Thanks for good information saksham. But I want to know is this Technorati ads will be relevant to my website content like adsense?

  18. Govind Choudhary says:

    Bro,I signed up for Technorati Media Ads Network few days back but till i haven’t get any response from them except the Welcome Email :P .I think my blog is not completing their requirements.Should i contact them? And which is the other Ads Alternative which paying good except Google Adsense,Technorati Media,Chitika,Adbrite,Adhitz As i used them all are sucks.And about my Adsense i got Disapproved :( .How should i proceed now..plz help bro :)

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a nice blog, I think it should be approved. When did you sign up at Technorati? If you signed up on Friday or so, approval might have been delayed due to weekend. Wait for 2-3 more days.

      Apart from Adsense & the services you’ve mentioned, I find Technorati, Harren Media (CPM) the best. I haven’t tried many yet actually :)

  19. I had applied for Technorati,i m awaiting for their reply but i dont think they will accept bcoz i have a blogger domain,any tips for changing to TLD?