Self Evaluation For Wannabe Bloggers – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Blogger?

By Guest Author

Fact: Everybody is not a “writer”.

Fact: Majority thinks writing is a walk in the park, unless they try putting pen on the paper.

And writing is not the only thing; people hold similar misconceptions when it comes to the core requisites for blogging. Many people march in the field of blogging (yes, field of blogging) only to figure out after some time that it is not as easy as they’ve assumed. Surely, there’s a reason why so many people start blogging but only a few of them succeed.

And the reason lies in the fact that blogging is much more than writing down your thoughts and publishing. There is far more to blogging than just that. If you are looking to start blogging with an aim to make it big, you should take a look at the following list of skills that one needs to have for making it big.

Self Evaluation

1. Patience: One of the most essential ingredients and this is one thing that will be required at every tiny and humungous step alike. For example, the initial burst of ideas will be trickling down to a drop in next to no time, and then the true test of patience (AKA staying power) will come about. From regularly writing to researching for updated information, from watching your traffic building slowly to witnessing your SERP going up and down, you will need quite some patience, during the course of time.

2. Research skills: Nobody knows everything, so in order to be accurate and comprehensive in your writings, you will need to have excellent research skills. When you are researching on internet, you need to double check all the time, because some information is obsolete while some information is plain wrong, and because not everything that you see on the internet is authentic; you should be able to filter out the right from the wrong. To be able to do so, you need to have a good understanding of whatever topic you are writing on.

3. Consistency: You think writing is easy, try telling that to a professional writer who is doing it full time, and watch out for a sarcastic smile that you will get as an answer. The fact is that writing as a full time job is just as hard as any other duty (unless you are extremely gifted). If you are looking to be a successful blogger you need to write consistently even if there’s nobody to read, consistency and resilience will help during this phase.

4. English Comprehension: We are assuming that you will be writing in English for global audiences, since you will have quite limited audience if you are blogging in any other language but English, also remember that search engines cannot comprehend any other language. So, you need to have good command over English language, both technically and grammatically.

5. Marketing know-how: Content might be the king but in this time and age, even kings need to market themselves to the masses. So, no matter how good is the content, you will need at least some form of marketing to promote your Blog, especially, when you are looking to monetize your blog in near future.

6. Responsibility: As we’ve already mentioned, internet is full of unreliable, twisted and downrightly wrong information. You don’t want to join ranks with the shoddy ones, right? Being a blogger, you’ve got to assume some responsibility, about the accuracy, precision, ethics, and the like.

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  1. Lakhyajyoti says:

    All of the points you have mentioned in the post are important.Patience is really important.

  2. Bradley Nordstrom says:

    I think responsibility is the most important because with it people will never trust you and probably not come to your blog or website anymore.

    Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Bradley, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

      Responsibility is really very important. It brings a sense of trust among users and also increases our reputation. See you back here soon!

  3. Atul Dogra says:

    You have included almost all section to become a successful blogger but I will still say that 1st point is very strong and always break many new bloggers spirit asap . Because most of them write to make money but not for sharing knowledge . Once they plan to to share best info in selected field then money will automatically start rolling .

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, money is the reason that makes bloggers go the not good way. Once the aim of bloggers become to make money and more money, the focus shifts from knowledge to other articles which can earn them the most which in one way is not good!

  4. Louie Sison says:

    Appreciate you for this great evaluation guide. I could use it personally, especially Im for a newbie like me. Thanks for realigning my focus and the reason why I blog.

  5. Dulitha R. Wijewantha says:

    Hi~ thanks for the tips for blogging. I am really enjoying the bloggingjunction posts. I came here through Pubdu@techhamlet and this post was quite informative. The principle of old days know as – You build and they will come won’t work in the modern world. Marketing is an essential pact when it come to any industry. It’s through marketing the world learn that we have something. Patience is really important too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad to know that buddy! :)

      Hmm, I saw some of your posts at Tech Hamlet too. Nice to know that Pubudu has referred you. He is one of my best blogger friends! :)

      Yeha, in present times nothing happens automatically, marketing is a must! Without marketing, there is less = no success!

      Patience is important as well – in blogging as well as in our daily life!

  6. Rohit Batra says:

    I think patience is only the key to success as everything else can be learned but patience comes from inside..

    • Dulitha R. Wijewantha says:

      Yeah… The key is patience comes mostly through practice. You just need to know how to keep at it>

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, patience is an internal quality. You cannot learn it nor can anyone teach it to you! You just have it in your life! :D