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Making a successful speech isn’t an easy task, especially in a situation where you are going to face a large crowd – when there’s large amount of people in attendance listening to what you have to say. Public speaking is an act that requires a lot from the person who’s giving the speech. Having a conversation with huge amount of people on seat or listening requires some level of maturity – the person who will give that speech has to practice and do a lot of things in order to deliver very well.

So, in this article, I will be sharing with you 10 useful ways to start conversation even in a place where you’re not highly favoured to be a sough-after. These tips are in form of guides and advices that will help you a lot. And you should follow them one after the other if you want to start a powerful conversation anywhere you find yourself starting from today.

Research what you write very well

Proper research is one of the basic secrets behind a successful speech for ages, and it is still working till now. You should make sure that all the pieces of information you are about to use are well researched and rehearsed for a wonderful speech opening and ending.

Have a Short and Interesting Opening

As a public speaker, you must be able to arouse the curiosity of your listeners with your first statement; else, you’ll lose everything. The opening of your message is what will make people consider your speech and you should spend as much time as possible on it to get the actual result. If the opening of your speech is woeful, trying to go ahead in delivering the best will be harder. And also, convincing people to listen to what you have to say will even become harder as well.

Study your speech

When starting a conversation, make sure that proper study of your words will help you have a wonderful speech. If you don’t study what you are going to give when your turn to speak comes, you will not be able to have a master plan that will help you win the heart of those listening to your speech.

Practice, practice, and practice very well

If you don’t practice what you want to deliver in your speech, giving your best will become a hard tasks unless you an expert in the field – even if you are an expert, there will still be an area where you will lack something you needed a lot.

Even if you have earlier had more experience in the business before – you will still need to practice your speech, rehearse your contents and some other things as this will help you in delivering your best when next you mount the speaking stand to deliver your speech.

When you rehearse and re-practice your speech, you will be able to know whether you’re making a good progress or not. And that will as well help you in cramming all the words you will deliver, and it will prevent you from reading out your speech as a script instead of a well-planned speech.


Be ready for criticisms – it will shape you for better

This will make you stronger or else you are planning for a failure in your next speech. Let your friends and even those who you thought hates you listen to your speech. They will be the ones who will shape you for better but when you are afraid of them or you don’t want them to criticize you, you’ll lose a great deal.

Let go of self-consciousness: let go of judgemental thinking

One major thing that makes many speakers fails when starting a conversation is judgemental thinking. Self-consciousness won’t help you but destroy your speech from the beginning to the end because you’ll find it hard to cope once you started to think you aren’t capable or you don’t have all it takes to make such a speech. Thinking that you can’t do it will make things worse for you as a speaker.

Be confident – you can do it!

Be comfortable with yourself when thinking of making a conversation. Get loose of the spirit that says you can’t do it or those forces that is making you felt inferior to those people that are there – either your competitors or the listeners. Have an open mind and let go of anything that can stand between you and your inner mind from performing excellently.

Pay Attention to Everything

As a speaker, you should make sure that you pay proper attention to everything that is happening within your vicinity. You must learn about everything that is going around you. See people that are sitting beside you, look at what marvels you about them; think of their characters and others to learn from them.

Make it a habit to always be curious about people around you before you make your speech because, it will help you in delivering the best of your ability. Be generous and learn from people, always be curious to know things and don’t be interrogative because it can as well hurt you, especially when those people you’re engaged in argument with sees you as an antagonist instead of being a protagonist.

Be more focused   

Focusing on what you say when delivering your message will help you in having a successful pitch. If you are not concentrating on what you’ll deliver when it is your turn, trying to win the conversation against your rivals will become harder. Learn ways to be more focused and don’t try to shift your attention when planning your next speech.

Have a Well-Structured Plan for Successful Delivery

After all the steps above, the last thing you needed to do in order to deliver a speech that will make your listeners to say WOW is by having a well-planned strategies for better delivery. You should devise every method you know that will help as this will be useful for you to deliver an outstanding speech. If all it takes is to have a one-on-one talk with as many people as you want; go for it. And if all you have to do in order to perform better is by walking out with other people in order to know how to measure people’s opinion and answer them accordingly; go for that.


Success while speaking isn’t an easy thing especially for a starter but immediately you start doing it and focusing on your performance and making an attempts to do more than the last record – success is closer to you than you might have ever imagined.

Olawale Daniel is a blogger and freelance writer for many years. He shares latest iphone developer news & guidelines on his Technology Blog. He recently shared an awesome guide on starting a conversation.

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    This is a good article and it covers almost everything. As a trainer doing a lot of public speaking myself I find it important to practise relaxation techniques before addressing a class. Also, its quite wise to have a glass of water handy…this stops dry-mouth-syndrome; which could lead to you becoming inaudible.

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