Tips to Make Sure Your Pages are Color Blind Friendly

By Guest Author

Color blindness is the lack of ability to see certain colors in usual way. A color blind person can’t differentiate in certain colors especially in red and green. In European countries 6 to 8% men and about half percent women are suffering from color blindness. In Asia this statistics goes with 5% males. Around 10.5 million Americans are suffering from this color deficiency.

Web Designing & Color Blindness

A wide range of colors are used by web designers while designing an interactive web page design. Every designer wants his website to be accessible by everyone including color blind person. Designing a color blind friendly website doesn’t mean that you have a constraint while choosing colors for your web pages. All you have to do is just take care of some color combination in web pages.

Red and green colors are often used to indicate “Stop” and “Go” or sometimes used for safe and danger respectively in most countries. And these two colors are a curse for a person with color blindness. If you use these colors together in your designing then it would be a complete lost for a color blind person. If you want your website is accessible by everyone then you must consider color impaired visitors too. You may be thinking that why consider such a small number of audience while designing your website. But for your surprise the fact is shocking that one out of twelve visitors on your website can be a color deficient person.

Tips for making website easily accessible by color deficient person

As an experienced web designer you must know about color combinations to make your design interactive and more compelling. By taking care of certain tips you can make web better for your people who are not equally blessed as you. Here are some tips to make color blind friendly websites:

  • Don’t put green and red together.  Especially avoid it on a navigation button where text can merge into the background, which can make it hard to read. Try to choose colors with awareness. You can go with a design choice which may affect color blind people negatively, but do it deliberately if you really needed. It’s better if you can provide an alternative for them.
  • Choose images with extra care. Image plays an important role in web designing. You should choose your images with an extra care so that they can have same effect on color deficient person too. Avoid using maps which have red and green lines to identify some important things. Use bar charts and Pi charts of colors different than green and red.
  • Don’t use only colors for vital things. For example, if you want to fill a form on your page by a visitor, never make the text red or green because it can be hard enough for a color blind person. Never use color identification as alternative to fill captcha on your website.
  • Test your website before launching. It is advisable if you can test your website by a color blind person.  May be you can find a friend or relative who is suffering from this deficiency.

Taking above tips in consideration you can make a website which is accessible by even color deficient people. In this way you can get maximum exposure via your website and are able to find more targeted visitors.

Jack Sam White spends most of his time writing for small business Website Design Company, SiteSpices. He has been a writer for several years and has also served as an online marketing specialist.

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  1. Sarah Farrukh says:

    Very Nice Tips… Thanks for share

  2. Sarah Farrukh says:

    Very Nice Tips…

  3. Money Blogger says:

    very important blog design tips..

  4. very nice post for web designers.. I liked it.

  5. Social Networking Website says:

    very useful tips thanks for sharing, we appreciate your ideas and thoughts

  6. Vipul Chauhan says:

    This is very important factor for blog design.

  7. Glorious Blogger says:

    An unique article. I never thought of this issue before and I actually had a class mate that suffered from this.

    Thank you for reminding me this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Color blindness isn’t taken care of in the web world (even I haven’t till now). Basically I knew what color blindness was, but never thought people using web could have it too and it would affect them. So this guest article helped us all! :)

      • Jack Sam White says:

        @Saksham Thanks to you and all commenter here for appreciating my post so much. Color blindness can be a curse while surfing a website, but as professional web designers its our responsibility to make our website color blind friendly.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re welcome Jack!! You know, this post was liked all over the web at social networks, Facebook and got links from even big mags! Thanks! :) And looking forward to some more contributions from you in the future.

  8. Atulperx says:

    Hey thanks for nice tips and I am sure than you don’t only concentrate on design but also think about viewers point of view. I love minimalist design too much but hard to make better one according to choice.

  9. Most of the webmasters avoid this factor while designing their sites. Even i haven’t thought about it until i read your article.

  10. AIDY @ Technology Blog says:

    Now this is very interesting. I never thought about ensuring a site is colorblind friendly. Never thought of this from a viewer’s point of view. Fantastic tips!

  11. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I never think about that.Nice tips.

  12. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger says:

    Very informative article. Thanks for sharing this article.

  13. Chris Adams says:

    I always try to make my sites “accessible” but being accessible to those who are color blinded never really occurred to me. Makes me worried as red is a predominant color on a couple sites.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah Chris, Red is highly used in the web world and removing it altogether is next to impossible. I think we should replace them with near by colors.

  14. James Fisher says:

    Hmmm….I never thought of those that are colour-blind when it comes to site desgn! Great eye-opening post. :)

  15. PriceatIndia says:

    I want to make black background and white text. Is it good?

  16. Jasmine says:

    Great tips just like always, thanks for the sharing. I guess it is best to design our website so that it is not too colorful.


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