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By Saksham Talwar

Whether you are setting up an online business or starting a new blog, you need a domain to start. Most of us consider registering a domain first before doing anything else. And rightly so! Domains were always precious as a good one could make you a millionaire and now that most of the good domains are taken up & hardly any are left, they have become more precious!

Thinking of a good domain name is not child’s play! It’s difficult. Many times you’d spend weeks searching for a good domain and end up with none of them! So as I previously said, thinking of a good domain is not an easy task! If you are a part of a big company with a good budget for marketing, you can possibly make use of a premium service like Picky Domains. It does cost you some dollars, but you’d get professional domain suggestions too! This is a good option for those with a good budget, for others with not a very big budget for marketing or those who prefer doing things on their own, there are some freely available online domain name generators. These tools merely mix and match a few preset words with your keyword and present the results before you. They of course don’t have thinking power and so the results may not be professional always.

Once you’ve a list of domain name(s) you wish to register, it’s now time to check if they are available. All domain registration services provide you a search box to look out for available domains, but I avoid using them as they are often fully loaded which results in slower processing and like all of you, I hate things which move slowly! Further many such services fill the page with their own offers, several options, banners, etc often cluttering the page and making things slower!

Is there an alternate way to look out for available domains? Yes! :D To search for domains quickly, you probably can use services like Instant Domain Search or AJAX Domain Search which are ad-free, provide an easy to use interface, come with a coupon attached and most importantly process the queries fast. Here are some instant domain search services, the best!

1. Instant Domain Search

2. Ajax Whois 2.0

3. Billy Shall

4. AJAX Lookup

5. One Domain Search

6. DD Whois

7. AJAX Domain Finder

Instant Domain Search

This is certainly the best site to check for available domain names at a super-fast speed!

Looks out for multiple TLDs simultaneously – It currently supports the following TLDs: co, net, org, biz, com, mobi, etc.

Suggests related domains – This featured is turned on by default. It gives you useful domain suggestions. You can disable it if you want.

Displays the available premium domains with their prices – If there are any premium domains available related to your search query or if the domain you searched is available for sale, it would provide a link to the sale page where you can buy it or bid on it.

Instant processing – Instant Domain Search is relatively faster than other domain search engines. It processes the queries fast and then displays the results.

One click registration from several registrars – In case the domain name you searched is available, Instant Domain Search allows you to register it with a single click. It currently supports the following domain registrars: Dotster, 1 and 1, Yahoo, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Network Solutions, & more.

Comes with an attached coupon – If there are any coupons available, it will automatically be attached to the GoDaddy link.

Encrypted mode – If you want your queries to be safe, use the encrypted mode provided free by Instant Domain name Search. It’s slower than the unencrypted mode, but is safer.

Domain suggestions – Also check out the Instant Domain Search’s domain suggestions feature. It suggests you some available and premium domains matching to your keyword.

Save your search – It allows you to save your search so that you can come back later and re-work on the project.

Multiple language support – Instant Domain Search is available in four languages which are English, Español, Français and Deutsch.

Mobile search – In case you are searching for available domains using your mobile phone or smartphone, there is a mobile version of Instant Domain Search available!

Compete, Whois, Link – It provides a direct link to Whois and Compete if the domain you searched for is unavailable.

AJAX Whois 2.0

Slightly slower, this is still a good domain search engine.

Completely AJAX based – This site is totally AJAX based and thus shows real-time. The results start flowing in just 2-3 seconds.

Supports multiple TLD(s) – Like IDS, this site also supports multiple top level domains. It supports com, net, org, us, info, ca, biz currently.

Allows you to download the script – The script used by this site is available as a free download online. You can host it on your own server if you have one for faster processing.

Favorites – You can save a domain you like by clicking on the small red colored heart icon and you can save your search query too.

Mac OS X widget & Firefox add-on – Search for available domain names directly from your Mac or Firefox browser.

Direct links – This site provides direct link to Whois page & Statsaholic in case the domain is already registered and GoDaddy if the domain is available fore registration.


Billy Shall

Simple tool to search for available domains.

Just a single step – Just enter your keyword and the results will start to appear. I just supports 3 TLD(s) – com, net and org currently.

Under Development – This tool is being worked on and will likely be available in a few weeks.


AJAX Lookup

AJAX Lookup is similar to the sites listed above.

Supports more TLD(s) – AJAX Lookup supports more TLDs than the other tools featured here. It currently supports com, net, org, biz, info, name, us, ca and uk.

Whois – A direct link to the Whois page is available in case the domain is not available for registration i.e. it’s already registered by someone else.

Domain & Hosting link – You can buy a domain and web hosting with just a single click.

This site has a lot of advertisements.


One Domain Search

Another site to search for domains instantly!

Supports over 30 TLDs – One Domain Search supports over 30 top level domains, more than nay other tool mentioned above.

And thus slower – It takes a lot of time for processing for obvious reasons and thus it takes around 15 seconds to display the final results.

Domain analysis – With just a single click you can analyze any domain you search for.

Shortlist domains – In case you like a domain, you can save it / shortlist it and later re-think.

Whois – One Domain Search displays the domain ownership details within a second in an iframe in case the domain is already registered.


DD Whois

Another tool to search for domain names instantly.

DD Whois supports the 12 most popular TLDs as of now and it has no extra features. It currently supports com, net, org, info, name, biz, tv, mobi, ws, us, ca and eu.

The first 6 checked options are automatically remembered and they are automatically restored next time you visit DD Whois.


AJAX Domain Finder

Another simple yet an useful website to look out for available domains real-time! It supports 9 domain extensions which are com, net, info, org, biz, us, it, eu, name.

It’s a simple tool with no other features. It’s also available in Italian.


Know any other tools to search for domains instantly? Why not let us know? We’d happily list any more instant domain search tools here! Let’s together, make the biggest list of instant domain name search tools!

Once you’ve found a suitable domain name for your business, here’s how to register a domain name!

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  1. Hello Saksham well said about Domains , your domain checker tool very interesting .. Thanks for sharing.

  2. DDWhois is the best search domain list I find! It gives us the best list in just no time! Also, provides the options for the same! The efficiency matters the most!

  3. Ammar Ali says:

    I am thinking to start MNS Hope to find some good domain using above tools ;)

  4. These are some worthy domain tools which are put up here! Great work Sakhsham! They are worth reading ya! They are just so useful!

  5. Instant domain search is best website. I use it everytime i am doing research. Thanks for sharing.

  6. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I have used one domain search before but the rest of all are new to me. Let me try them out too :) !

  7. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great post Saksham.Finding a good domain name is not so easy now a days.Thanks for sharing.

  8. the information provided by you on instant domain search is very useful and seems extremely to the point. My only worry is sometimes we have a specific domain name selected in our mind, which most probably is either taken or doesn’t exist. That becomes a little disappointing above all. we choose a domain name depending upon certain factors like convenience and simplicity, so i think we usually don’t get to choose in this process.

  9. Hello Sakaham,
    These are some worthy domain tools which are put up here!
    Finding a good domain name is not so easy now a days.You gave the best domain search tools.
    thank you a lot for sharing this information.

  10. I should try first,then i will be back.

  11. Tyler Pratt says:

    I didn’t see nameboy on that list. I find it to be a helpful way to find quality names. No the site doesn’t give a big list, but enough to find something good.

  12. Good list Saksham, I have only used domaintyper for instant search but these tools looks much cooler. I hope these guys must be making lots of affiliate sales.

  13. The tool, is in very early stage and cannot be used real domain search. It was a good research about AJAX domain tools available.