How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Account At Once?

By Saksham Talwar

If you’ve been using Twitter since a very ling time, its normal for your account to be overflowing with a lot of tweets. No doubt, there will be several genuine / hand-written tweets, but a majority of them will be re-tweets or links. Some times you may post the same tweet several times, sometimes you may use an application which in turn filled your account with useless spam tweets.

If you make use of any WordPress plugin, Twitter application or may be a software to re-tweet your blog posts, youra ccount will be filled with several re-tweets and links shortly. Within a couple of days your account will be overflowing with thousands of tweets, many rubbish and useless tweets. The number within a few days expands to ten thousand and it ever keeps on rising!

Within a few months, you’d probably have a 5 figure tweet count in your account. Yes, the number looks good. It gives your followers the feeling of you being alive on Twitter. But if he (your follower) closely has a look at your Twitter account, he will not fail to notice your rubbish link shares and re-tweets. That may distract him and lead him to unfollow you.

So, if your only aim is to show-off a high tweet count, deleting tweets is surely not an option for you. But in case, if you are interested to grow your followers count and clean your Twitter account, go ahead and delete all the tweets now!

Twitter unfortunately doesn’t provide an option to delete all tweets at once. But that should not be a problem as there are several external applications which allow you to get rid of all tweets very easily and quickly!

Deleting all tweets is recommended for those whose Twitter account is flooded with several tweets while others should re-think on their decision to delete all tweets. It can even drive your potential new followers away! So choose wisely.


How To Delete All Tweets?

I tried Twitwipe application for deleting all my account tweets on a test account and it worked properly for me. You can refer the complete TwitWipe review and usage page for more information on how to delete all tweets using Twitwipe.

Link: TwitWipe

We have managed to compile a list of more applications like TwitWiple or I must say we “had managed”, but we were forced to remove all of them from here as those applications hardly functioned the way they were supposed to!

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  1. That’s really awesome tool buddy. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi Saksham,

    That’s quite a bit o’ wiping for me :) Thanks for sharing the app!

    Ryan Biddulph
    .-= Ryan´s Last blog ..How The People’s Program Cash Gifting Club Helps You To Get Started =-.

  3. Anup@Hack Tutors says:

    I will not do this by mistake also :P
    .-= Anup@Hack Tutors´s Last blog ..Blogger post preview before posting, now available! =-.

  4. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    Now why would one want to delete all their tweets at once :? But if they want then this tool is too cool :)
    .-= Shiva | Web Magazine´s Last blog ..Search Engine Optimization Basics and SEO-Friendly Web Design =-.

  5. Real Blogging Advice says:

    Good timing my friend. I do the manual deleting of tweets in my twitter account recently because it was too old.

    I mean too old because my account banned for almost one year and just 5 hours ago twitter admin decided to reactivate or unbanned my account and now my account is alive and kicking.

    By the way, is it good using third party or external softwares on twitter? I mean, is this program does not violates the TOS of twitter?

    As I mention above I was banned before because of using external program that auto follow people.

    I love to here this from you… Thank you for sharing it my friend.

    – Felix Albutra
    .-= Real Blogging Advice´s Last blog ..One of The Factors Why Your Readers Stick in Your Blog =-.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess using this app won’t get you banned! This app doesn’t do anything with your followers or against Twitter. I mean it just saves your time deleting tweets. We can delete tweets one by one, instead this tool allows us to delete all tweets at once! It’s a true time saver!

  6. TechChunks says:

    Well, I’m not very sure if I’m ever going to use it to delete ALL my tweets. But, as they say – “who knows”! :)

  7. danielle says:

    I’ve tried using this and it doesn’t delete all my tweets may be 500 of them but not all.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my case it deleted all the tweets mate. It becomes slow after some time I guess. It happened for me. Please try once again mate and reply.

      • Ok can i ask you guys something..when the tweets get deleted does that mean that up there where it says tweets (next to followers and following it says : 0 (zero)or does the number of tweets you have done still stay?

        • I feel bad that we have stuck in our progress.. Time shows that we could start developing again within next two weeks.. Until then you are welcome to suggest anything that you would like to have in :)

          All the Best,


  8. I tried using it but it wont delete all of them :( it would just stop and do nothing :(
    pleeeaseee help!!
    thanks :)

  9. TwitWipe says:

    Man, get the fukk outta here. I tried using twitwipe and it fucked everything up. It showed “0” tweets on my profile, but they are not actually deleted. And when I tweet now, it doesn’t count my tweets. Not only that, but they don’t even show up on my timeline.

    Don’t listen to this clown a$$ fool, his bullshit program doesn’t work. It just fucks up your account. You’re better off just deleting your twitter and starting over. FUCK TWIT WIPE. It’s a horribly written, shitty program. There is no progam that will really clean up your twitter account.

  10. why won’t it work for me? :/

  11. I can vouch for Twitwipe, indeed it is a good script to use. However I was experiencing some issues with their website at the time I was using it. Hopefully the bugs were fixed. Great find by the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Adrian for the comment! Yes, there were some bugs in their site recently. They solved them quickly!

  12. Westside Barbell says:

    That’s really cool. I have also tried it but it’s only deleting from my profile . My tweets that have already gone to my followers profile, those are not deleted yet.

  13. I used twitwipe and it deleted a lot of my tweets but there are still 10.882 tweets left on my profile that I can’t delete. (and I also can’t see those 10.882 tweets) HELP me please ! =(

  14. Mrinmay Bhattacharjee says:

    Unfortunately Not working for me. It’s stuck at ZERO Only!

  15. TweetEraser says:

    Another way could be to try out

    TweetEraser is a simple web-based tool designed to help you filter and delete your bulk Tweets on an easy way.


    + Filter your Tweets by searching inside your timeline:
    – with text strings (one/more or exactly)
    – with HASH tag’s (one/more or exactly)
    – with date (earlier, since or between)
    + User friendly select or deselect all results by one click
    + Delete all selected by one click
    + Delete one single Tweet
    + Before deleting selected Tweets you will be asked if you are really sure

  16. Micjhonson says:

    Thanks … it is really helpful for me to delete all my tweet ………. at a time..

  17. sergiovilnius says:

    For me is not working and I have accepted the cookies. Anyway, thank you very much.

  18. It seems to be deleting tweets very slowly ): Or not even loading at all.

  19. yo what up pplz?

  20. :) ;) :D :P :O <3 :( ;(

  21. Alexander Rhett Crammer says:

    I think it’s funny how the creator of TwitWipe swears so much ^^

  22. Paul Kiernan says:

    Sorry, but I could not get it to work.

  23. Only deleted over 100 tweets , Then stopped working! and other tweets e deleted from profile but not really deleted :L

    • Anonymous says:

      So sad :( These apps have stopped working it seems. You should try to see if it works.

  24. It worked for me. Thought I was going to have to delete each of 1400 posts.. Eeek!!

  25. This should be basic functionality in Twitter and it should also be possible to block/delete tweets by others with @yourusername in it. I’m quiting Twitter. People sometimes forget everybody can read whatever they write. It can be very embarrassing when a friend drops a private line which is then read by i.e. customers or business associates. Deleting tweets is next to impossible. All those tools like Twitwipe work so-so. If they work at all. I’ve had it.

  26. @Willboh23 says:

    this twipwipe doesnt help bruh,….at all lmao it didnt delete my tweets…..mention me on twitter totell me how to fix this n ill give u a follow bak, ud be glad u did, i have lots of followeers

  27. Hei!

    We are currently working on creating the best way for doing that. As a project of a #garage48 ( we have 48hours to develop it.
    Actually it’s just 30 hours left and our design looks pretty bad for now, but we are working on it and if you have anything that you would like to have in that kind of service, you have the best possibility to expres yourself and have a tool that you actually would like to use.

    Our common plan is to allow users to delete:
    – tweets
    – mentions
    – retweets
    .. that are:
    – public
    – privat
    – older than n days (user will be able to turn on automatic tweet deleting)
    – created from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyy
    – created at user specified period of a time (for example 22:00- 03.00 aka drunk tweets :) )

    Sooo…. your ideas ar welcome! follow @tweetdeleter for more updates.

    NB. We are looking for web designer to join our team.
    befenits: becoming a co-founder of
    when? – ASAP! (we could manage it throught the web) :)

    All the best,

    • Hey,
      Waiting for your site to go live. Can you email me once your site is up? I will follow you, but just in case I forget can you remind me? I can review it on my blog! :)
      Waiting for the launch!

      • Thanks!
        For sure – we will keep you updated! 15more hours and we will go live!

        By the way, why do you have the latest comments at the bottom of the page? Wouldn’t it be easier to have them on top? :)

        • Rihards, nice suggestion. I think I should work on it. Just emailed my designer. Lets see if it’s possible with Thesis :)

          So I guess now your site is live?

          • heh,thanks! :)
            I think that changing order of main posts with ‘latest on top’ and leaving comments the same (latest at the bottom, oldest at top) this would feel much more better- just like in facebook :)

            Yeah, our Beta is live for now! Those were really great 48hours of work and fun at the event. This is what we managed to do. now need to keep going :)

            If you need something for your blog, just ask me, i could help you with some projects from this side of world (we are from Latvia, Baltic states). There are great startups going on here – ; ,, and more :) just ask

            • Just tried Tweet Deleter on my test account and guess what it worked! :)

              I tried the above sites! SunnyRide is parked I guess, but the other sites are very good. I like the concept behind! Something good for hotel marketers! I will surely get in touch with you if I need something for my blog. What type of services do you provide? Do you make custom applications?

              BTW, I am from Mumbai, India. Nice to connect with you Rihards!

  28. This tool saves me a lot of time! Great!

  29. it’s great man i m feel happy now.

  30. kuromeows says:

    Tried using twitwipe but my tweets are still stuck at 33k :(

  31. Osarenren Ihaza says:

    Thanks, mate. Nice app.

  32. How long to wait?it’s just too long

  33. Ashley Nunn says:

    I am began the Twitwipe. I am not feeling any luck with the Twitwipe. It hasn’t even deleted my tweet yet. I would love to know what was other 2 sites that would be similar to this? thank you

    • Rihards says: . You can follow us on twitter ( @tweetdeleter ) for updates, cause there are still some bugs in our service, which we will fix and then tell you about it :)

  34. nice application, its really helped me alot. thanks admin.

  35. Brill tool, thanks for letting us know, Erased a customers account completely but kept her followers!!

  36. Twitpipe unfortunately also does not work properly: Takes DAYS to start, then deletes your most important new tweets first, and leaves half of the old ones undeleted, regardless how long the app runs.
    Plus the guy of course does not answer a single feedback via mail or twitter,
    so better look for other tools.


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