Has Google Pagerank Been Wiped Off?

By Saksham Talwar

It has been almost 6 months since Google updated pagerank. The last update happened in April, that’s almost 8 months back. Since then there are no signs of Google pagerank update.

Reportedly the next update was supposed to happen in July end or September. But it was just a false rumor. There was no such pagerank update. A few people claimed that there was an update, but many passed it a rumor.

PageRank Wiped Off!!!

Its now December! And no update till now! Strange but true.

What do you think, is Pagerank still alive? Or was the April pagerank update the last one? These questions are unanswerable as of now! May be Google is updating their algorithm, may be something else. There is a possibility that Google is planning to change their search algorithm so stop websites and pages from climbing up the search results by using SEO. They may be working on betterment of their already good search results.

What do you think friends? Will there be another pagerank update or is PageRank no more?

Comment with your answers..

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  1. If pagerank is gone..then alexa starts ruling…..you can see a list of Google’s PR updates from 2000-2010 here

  2. Blogger Broadcast says:

    It would be sad if there is no more PR updates from Google. Many people claimed there was an update, and some sites received the PR ranking even though it wasn’t on the updated period. So activity is still going on, just not on the dates we expected.

    • I don’t think PR of any sites increased, at least I didn’t hear about it. But PR of many sites decreased, I’ve seen this. Well hope Google updates others PR too!!

  3. Self Sagacity says:

    I enjoyed this article today, and hope someone knows more about the update timing to tell us if there is one coming.
    In the mean time if you guys want to know more about the Google Ranking read these two articles:
    http://www.selfsagacity.com/2010/02/google-page-rank-1-2-3-what-does-it.html – part 1
    http://www.selfsagacity.com/2010/05/google-page-rank-1-2-3-what-does-it.html – part 2

    • Google should have an official for pagerank updates that brings people the news about it. Thanks for the additional articles!

  4. Market Research Company says:

    Saksham, nice blog on interesting topic. In my opinion scrapping of page rank is not there but surely Google is changing the algorithm to stop useless SEO technique for increasing PR.

  5. I can assure you that Google aren’t out of the picture. Do you honestly think they’ll lie back and leave it to Alexa? Really..?? Google are doing major work on their algorithms to counteract SEO techniques and filter genuine links from SEO links. Development such as that takes time to develop and test. A PR update will occur, but don’t expect anything soon.

  6. Steve @ 2009 Taxes says:

    I have had new sites and new posts get ranked but haven’t seen any home pages get re-ranked. Still waiting for that Bing page rank. :)

  7. Indian T.v Serials says:

    Also, are you aware of any algorithm changes made on Nov. 16-17th, or around that time, being that this was the clear dropping point in traffic. We’ve been handling page accessibility the same way for years (doesn’t mean it was correct :), so I’m not sure why Google would flag us all of a sudden, without some kinds of algorithm change, and whether this algorithm change was FCF related. Any insights appreciated!

    • I’m not aware of any algorithm changes occurring that period. My traffic increased during that period and has ever been increasing since then!! :D

  8. Liberian Geek says:

    Mine hasn’t changed since I started the blog.

  9. Jesica Wills says:

    Great article. I enjoyed it. If Google has Wiped Off Pagerank then Alexa has a chance to rule on web.

  10. Many people are waiting for the update page rank but I was not lucky because one of my blogs dropped from PR3 to PR0 in January

  11. i read somewhere that one of the google employee cleared that google didn’t stopped updating PageRank. there may be some reasons for delay in PR update. let’s hope for the best.

  12. Super Glue says:

    But the same “very few people” also matters because of the current internet population of 2 Billions!! Very informative post, thank you so much for sharing with us :)

  13. So far I know runs the patent of google pagerank out. I do not believe that patent will be renewed again.


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