Five Simple Ways To Expose Your Blog To The World

By Guest Author

As a private person, there are just some things I do not want to expose to the world. But my blog is not one of them.  Many bloggers would probably agree, at least on the second point. Getting web traffic is one of the biggest ways to promote your blog.  After all, if no one is dropping by to peek, your blog is simply not getting the exposure you desire.


Post Blog on Blog Directories

Listing your blog on directories is a simple way to get exposure.  There are a few that charge a fee to get listed, but most of them are completely free.  Much of Inspired to Write’s traffic comes from blog directories.  Some of the sites also have a community in which members can participate in forums and discussions.  This also helps your blog get more exposure.

Comment on Other Blogs

Being involved in the blogging community is a great way to get exposure. Hey, don’t I know you? A simple way to do this is by leaving comments on other blogs.  Try to be productive.  While the “great post” comments are nice, giving a little insight to yourself will make people more interesting in seeing what YOUR blog has to say.

Download Comment Luv! Comment Luv is essentially a simple plug in you can add to your blog which will show the users last blog link below the comment they submit on your post. This rewards your blog readers and encourages comments on your blog.  Rewarding your blog readers and encouraging comments is a plus for your blog.  Check out our Comment Luv Subscribers list!

Use Social Media to Expose Your Blog

This is just a given.  To get exposure to your blog posts, Tweet it, Digg it, Stumble it, Facebook it!  Hold on before you go crazy, there is a balance here.  Be sure you are involved in the social media community and not just giving yourself exposure. If all people see is self-promotion, they will probably stop paying attention to your blog posts.  Provide something useful.

Provide Quality Content in Your Blog

Speaking of providing something useful… quality content will keep readers coming back again.  By providing helpful or interesting posts, readers will return and hopefully subscribe to your blog. If they like your stuff a lot, they may even tell their other blogging friends.  And they will tell their friends, and so on and so on.  Exposure.

Include your Blog Address in Email Signature

This technique is so simple that anyone who has an email account can do it.  Check with your email provider on how to do this.

Along the same lines of email, I would recommend (highly) getting a junk email account if you do not have one already.  Once you start signing up for blog directories and other email traffic related to your website, lots of mail will come into your inbox. You will want to keep that separate from the email you have for corresponding with your grandma or college buddies.

These simple tips are a good start for getting the blog exposure you need and want!

Julie is a freelance writer and also maintains a blog, Inspired to Write, which includes her writing inspirations, musings, tips, and resources related to blogging and freelance writing.

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  1. DEN @ iPhone Wallpapers says:

    My main source of traffic is Google only. But the above tips are good too.

  2. TechChunks says:

    Twitter, FB and Google – they drive 90% of my traffic

  3. Twitter, Facebook and commenting on other blogs are my pick.

  4. The main source of traffic may come through socialmedia like facebook and twitter. Because, while we sharing an article, it will reach the user directly and it can read by the user quickly. The post will spread as fast as possible. commenting may increase ur backlinks. but visitor will increase through socialmedia.

  5. Commenting on blog is one key source to expose your blog to the world. It lets other blogger to know that your blog exists.

  6. Graphic Design Blog says:

    Leaving good blog comments on others blogs is one of the best ways to draw people to your site and build your own readership.

  7. Social Media Promotion says:

    These are some great tips on promoting your blog. I hit 1,000 unique views today for the first time, which I mostly got from Twitter, and StumbleUpon.

  8. And another way to expose your blog is to go to and post your blog there, while you read other blogs to check out their content and comment on their blogs!


  9. Richard Pham says:

    Excellent and well written. Thanks for sharing. Gr8 tips for increasing traffic.Social media is another gr8 way to increase traffic by getting in touch with millions of people.Best,simple and really adorable way to expose your work (your website,blog or any damn thing.) before the world. If done in the right way.

    Keep up great work.Keep posting.

    Richard Pham


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