Is Feedburner The Best Option For Blogs? #POLL

By Saksham Talwar

When it comes to sending daily blog newsletters to your readers, there are plenty of choices available! Imnica Mail, Aweber and many more auto-responders allow you to send newsletters to your blog readers either automatically or with the help of a few clicks! But when it comes to sending newsletters for free, I can only think of Feedburner.

I’ve been using Feedburner since last 3 years to send blog updates to my subscribers. I have never ever faced a problem with it nor have I felt like shifting from Feedburner. Also majority of online readers, smartphones support Feedburner which makes it even harder for me to leave Feedburner.

I’m not the only Feedburner user. Majority bloggers or in fact all the bloggers use Feedburner to deliver their latest blog posts to their email subscribers! Using Feedburner is really simple which gives us another reason to use it! You just have to set up Feedburner once and forget it! It will deliver your latest blog posts to your readers automatically. Feedburner further allows you to target your newsletter geographically i.e. you can set your desired time-zone, you can change your Feedburner email delivery time to send emails at the best time when most people are active etc.

I think Feedburner simply is the best RSS feed option for blogs. Do you also use Feedburner or do you make use of any other service (free or paid)? So what do you think is Feedburner the best or is there anything you like more than Feedburner to market your blog posts to your readers?

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If you prefer using WordPress newsletter plugins rather than using Feedburner, check out our list of useful WordPress newsletter plugins!

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  1. Girlie Blogger says:

    Good poll. Very excited to see the final result.

  2. Boldas Axis says:

    I use FeedBurner because it comes packaged with Blogger..

  3. It is good among free ones but it is at least the best now for me :-)

  4. Anne Hunter says:

    Using Feedburner is really simple which gives us another reason to use it!

  5. UmarWebTechs says:

    Hello Saksham, a new reader here. I am Umar Farooque from Bhopal, M.P.
    Please lookout my new website, give some suggestions and opinions about my site.

  6. I am using feedburner. But mail chimp is also a best option fir starters. Because it is free for some extend.

  7. Definitely good among the free ones, especially for the noobs.

  8. Yes, its the best option and the results of the poll are saying that!

  9. It is one the best in the industry and moreover it is free too.

  10. Nikolaj Bomann says:

    To me feedburner seems very hard to handle. It is not very easy to use, and so on.
    I would always prefer a normal link to the feedfile. But that’s just me ;-)

  11. i agree its the best among free ones, very simple to use too, i have been using it since i was a newbie and its still the best choice for me.

  12. We can see only from the polls results that feedburner is a good option for blogs

  13. yes ..i think it is best option for blogs and its free and not time consuming..

  14. Sahil Kotak says:

    I think it’s very good for the starters.They wouldn’t need an investment in that so, it’ll be a good option in starting.

  15. haven’t used any of other options yet, but I still think Feedburner still is my best option.

  16. Definitely the best “free” option.

  17. Feedburner is the best for me because it’s free and it save my time because it works automatically
    “Good Among Free Ones” my vote

  18. Its very good option for starters….. It will be boost up :-)

  19. sonal deshmukh says:

    I really like your post. its very useful information about seo.
    yes feed burner is the only option for blogs.


  20. Joe's Pferde Spiel says:

    Does it make me a noob if I am not aware what feedburner does?

  21. Himali Pethani says:

    Feedburner is the very good and i am also get more traffic from there. I get 15% traffic from feedburner. It’s definetly very good.
    Feedburner not good but it is very good

  22. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Feedburner is good one for a new blogger and it is the best among free ones.

  23. For me feed burner is the best because of its following features.

    1. It gives statistics about RSS Subscribers so we can analyze and optimize our blog posts.

    2. Give us multiple options to subscribe such as Email, and other feed-readers (Netvibes, Google etc).

    3. It gives us a social Proof (Subscriber count)

    4. We can customize our feeds such as modify post headings, branding and more.

    5. Easy to ping various feed-reading services once we publish our posts.

    6. We can Integrate Google Adsense to monetize our RSS feeds.

  24. I use feedburner as it triggers everytime I add a new post :)

  25. For me, yes!

  26. Feedburner is the still the best plugin for blogs