Generate a Name for Your Domain

By Saksham Talwar

Choosing a domain name has lately become the most difficult task. Most of the good domain names are already taken either by individuals, domain collectors or corporates. Domain buying and selling is a flourishing business and thus most good domains have already been captured by someone and as a result very few good domain names are available for people like you and me who are not much into this business. While you could ask your friends for domain name suggestions or post publicly on a forum to get suggestions or you could even hire a person who is good at naming, this methods could sometimes prove too time-consuming or expensive! A better choice if you ask me would be to use a domain name generator.

A domain name generator helps you find a good domain name. I tried a couple of online domain name generators and the results were satisfactory. The results were not professional actually, but they were neither too bad! Frankly, I didn’t expect professional suggestions as these generators are merely a programmed piece of software which mix & match words and supply you a unique domain name. In 50% cases, you can expect a really good domain name! You’d be showered with some useless, funny and unprofessional suggestions sometimes, so be prepared for that.

Domain Name Generator

1. Impossibility

Just suggest a keyword and Impossibility will combine it with their database which contains several nouns, verbs and adjectives. It will then look up for available domains. Currently it’s powered by over 6 domain look-up servers as a result it processes the queries quickly and you get the results amazingly fast. There are some options available using which you can configure the length of the domain and the way in which the nouns / verbs / adjectives are added.

2. Blungr

Enter one keyword and another keyword if you want (not necessary). Then, choose the domain extension (TLD) which you wish to get (varity of TLDs available). After that type a prefix or a suffix or both or none. Finally, hit the Go button. Blungr will automatically generate a few domain names and then go through the domain registry and find out if the domains are available. In case the domain is available, you’d see a Buy button. Click on it to buy the domain.

3. Domains Bot

Like other web domain name generating services, Domains Bot works on the same model. Except, Domains Bot also lists premium domains which it extracts from Sedo and GoDaddy. You can choose from over 10 TLDs, use synonyms to get more domain suggestions, add prefixes or suffixes, add related keywords, change the domain length, change your budget, sort the available or premium domains according to their prices, length, etc. Domains Bot is really easy to use and has a nice user interface.

4. Randomainer

It comes with just two options – keyword and TLD. Once you hit the Search Domains button, Randomainer will automatically combine your keyword with some pre-configured words and display the available domains with a $7.49 coupon already attached.

It also has an interesting option. If you cannot think of a word, you just have to click on the Random Word button and it will display some random domains.

5. Dot-o-mator

Add some words which you want to add to your domain’s end or beginning or alternatively select a preset list. Click on the combine button and the words will be combined right before your eyes. Click on the names you like and then check if they are available with just a click. It’s a simple, yet an amazing web 2.0 domain name generator!

6. Nameboy

Add a primary keyword and a secondary one if you required. If you want to allow hyphens in your domain, tick the Allow Hyphens check-box. If you want the words to rhyme, check the Rhyme tick-box. Once you’ve configured this free domain name generator, click on go nameboy go button and the results will be displayed in no time.

7. Bust A Name

Yet another random domain name generator! All you have to do is to enter a few keywords and if there are any available domain names, the results will start showing in the third column. Keep on adding more words if you are not able to see any results. You can create groups to sort your keywords, you can sort the available domains, choose your preferred TLD(s), configure the way the words are combined, add prefix or suffix, add / remove hyphens, vowels, plurals, etc. If you want this creative domain name generator can also display the premium domains.

8. Name Station

You just have to sign up at Name Station and you can start searching for domain names. It even displays short domains and random domains. You are able to see a few available domains without signing up. Everything is good, except the sign up process. After all, why waste 2 minutes filling a form? ;-)

9. Stuck Domains

It’s not exactly a domain name generator, but it’s a search engine for expired domain names. If you are lucky, you may find a good expired domain name. You are really lucky if you find one because expired domains are believed to rank higher in search engines and carry more power than newly registered domains. May be the age factor is a reason or may be the links the previous owner might have built!

None of the above cool domain name ideas generators have their own brain. All of them are pre-programmed scripts with a database of some verbs, nouns, adjectives, prefixes and some suffixes.

Don’t expect professional domain name suggestions each time you run any of the above website domain name generators. They’d sometimes suggest you silly domain names, but please do not mind, computers after all cannot think like we do!

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  1. well i was going to start a new website and i was searching for a good domain name. this piece of info is a great help for me to find my domain name. thanx alot.

  2. residential lands chennai says:

    thanks for your list…

  3. Sunshine systems says:

    top 10 domain search alwayz kewl :)

  4. Great list! I didn’t even know that there are special services for this. Thanks!

  5. Christian Hollingsworth says:

    Loving all these generators. Will be running through all of them and seeing which ones I like best. They definitely each have their strengths/weaknesses.

  6. nice list saksham…

  7. Nice blog, it is very informative and helpful for me , I am always ready to read informative and interesting blogs, thanks

  8. I was not satisfied with the results from generator! Nothing can replace human mind.

  9. thank for more option while if not i still depend on one kind of domain suggestion tools.
    Because some of it are very slow loading and been wasting my time to check every keyword domain that i want.

  10. rakesh kumar says:

    Good collection of domain name generator. Love to use some of them to get new domain names. I am surprised name tumbler in not available here in this list.

  11. Have you tried

  12. Great list. I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the list.

  13. Chris Roberts says:

    I’m a domain flipper myself and I find using this pretty helpful sometimes. I personally strictly buy recently dropped domains but sometimes I like using generators to keep the ideas flowing.

  14. Rajeev Bhaskar says:

    Do tell me, what’s wrong with domain name consisting of one’s name, like mine?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing is wrong with them! :) But a brand name is a lot better! Reserve your for something personal :)

  15. Niceday says:

    This is cool insight about what I need to know to make a website name. Thank you so much.

  16. Pavan Somu says:

    Great post people who wanna select a good domain. I used Nameboy to select my domain.

  17. Gerald Evans says:

    Choosing a blog name and a domain name are not only a difficult job but can get mentally taxing too. Owing to the hugeness of internet as a platform, it is really frustrating how almost every name seems to have been taken. Plus, you have to take extra precautions with the uniqueness of the names, because these become the identity of your work and in no way should you let your readers confuse your blog with some other blog.

  18. Tony Simpson says:

    I think was the best one that I have generated from the list. Kinda catchy.

  19. Khudadad Alam says:

    Hi Saksham, I am your daily visitor but not comment yet. But your this post is awesome. In your this post, the topic which I found very good is Nameboy. Which solves my problem.
    Thanks for solving my problem.

  20. not so long ago I met a problem of generating domain name. it’s really problem! I didn’t even expect/
    well, thank you, next time I will try this method.

  21. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Hi Saksham, I really find it difficult to find domain names for my websites. So, I think it would be better to use any of these tools to make my work a lot easier. Anyways, thanks for sharing this amazing list buddy.

  22. I honestly never knew you could find help on choosing website names. I have always just typed in name after name trying to find something that works. I will have to give these a try if I start any new sites.

  23. Srivathsan G.K says:

    Bustaname is my favorite, but after trying impossibility, i am loving it.

  24. Srivathsan G.K says:

    Impossibility and bustaname are my favorites. Haven’t tried others much. will give it a try.

  25. A new domain name generator is
    It helps to create your domain name and instantly check their availability.
    It also shows the list of expired domains, and the current auctions and prices of domain who were sold.
    Give it a try! It is still in beta, but fully functional.

  26. David Douglas says:

    That’s a nice list of websites, In fact I’m about to register a domain for my free blogspot blog, and this will definitely help me choose better domain name,


  27. Hi Saksham, Nice list. Picking a domain has always been a confusing task for me, I ocassionally buy domains during $1 domain offers and I use some of these tools and a tool called domaintyper for instant search. I also try wordhippo to find word ideas and synonyms during my domain name reearch

  28. Manjinder Singh says:

    Domain selection is the one of the most important thing for a blogger it is king of heart for a website which will pump it up , the better is the heart the better is the ranking…

  29. i had tried these tools many times but never got satisfying results. So its better to ask friends or go to pickydomains.

  30. Hi dear,

    Nice list for domain searching.


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