Blog Search Engines – Top 10

By Saksham Talwar

Many a times we try searching blogs matching our interest, but we fail to find the required things. Here I have collected ten blog search engines that will help you find the blog you want easily!

Blog Search Engines

1. Blog Search Engine:

This is one of the best search engines for blogs that acts as an efficient web portal to look for a various blogs of your common interest and to get your blog features for gaining the attention of visitors and let them know the existence of your blog. Blogs are categorized based on the theme of the posts posted in them like, technology, food and others.

2. Google Blogs:

This is one of the most popular search engines for gathering up to date information from various blogs and if that is not convincing enough you should be able to do a web search. Google blogs comes with an exclusive keywords search tool blog that does the search either in isolation from various blogs or from various webs.

3. Technorati:

Technorati is one of the most efficient blog search engines that does its job well by collecting, highlighting and distributing not only information from various blogs, but also promotes and encourages advertisers to advertise on your blog. This is one of the first and the best blog search engines until today.

4. FindBlogs.Com:

This is part of the network that classifies a number of blogs into various classifications. You will also be able to manually add your blog for promotion and find blogs of common interests.

5. Best Of The Blogosphere:

This blog comes on a Magazine theme, but is rather a gateway to the various numbers of blogs that is available all over the World Wide Web. The blog allows you to add to your feeders and readers that is much better doing for individual blogs.

6. Search Engine Watch:

This is not a mere search engine watch for finding  a blog, but also providing tips and information for searching the web, helps the owners of the blogs to work better on their revenue promoting programs. They have a number of modes to reach your better, including a daily newsletter. This is a product of Google.

7. Search Engine Land:

This is yet another news and information site about various kinds and types of blogs that are grouped in to differing categories. They cover search engine marketing, searching issues and search engine industry.

8. Bloghub:

This is an online directory and community repository of blogging sites that is accessible to members around the word to share and look for ideas and information of common interests. You will also be able to add your site to their online repository.

9. Blog Digger:

Blogdigger is one of the best blog search engines that collect a vast amount of content information from various information by using novel techniques. The provide support using their services from media, groups, link search and feeders like RSS and Atom.

10. Yahoo! Search Blog:

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance team together jointly ventured to bringing under one roof of a number of blogs in varying topics of interests. They are doing country wise and have finished compiling in Australia, Brazil and Mexico to begin with.

So friends did you try these search engines? How did you find them? Do let us know!

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  1. cirrusdance says:

    Great list mate, I have tried most of them but but google blog search is my favorite :)

  2. Salman @ Tech Crates says:

    Gr8 list….I used Google blog search when I was looking for blogs in my niche

  3. Swamykant says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing the list.

  4. All Blog search Engines are good but the Google is the excellent one

  5. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Google blog search engine and technorati, both are my favourite.

  6. Now this great. I remember I too once reviewed these blogs search engines. and I think I need to update my post when I listed 5 best of them about an year ago.

    Thanks for sharing this Saksham.

  7. Network Disaster Recovery says:

    Great list. Of course, Google is the best, but I will try the others.

  8. These are great search engines. I especially like Technorati, have been using them for many years!

  9. TechVista says:

    nice list mate. technorati and google blog search is the great ones.

  10. fantolasearchengine says:

    Well Saksham Talwar you forgot my search engine to put it in last place of your post :-)..


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