5 Link Exchange Tips For Bloggers

By Saksham Talwar

There are a few things to consider before you contact any blog for link exchange, a few things on which you need to think on and a few things you should avoid while exchanging links. Lets discuss them!

Link Building

1. Ask Blogs With The Same / Less PR Only For Link Exchange

Most of the bloggers ask high PR and popular blogs for link exchange. Suppose your blog has a PR-0 and you try exchanging links with PR-5 blogs, do you think any such blog will accept your offer? I bet NO!

A few days back a person contacted me saying that no blog is ready for exchanging links with my PR-0 blog. I thought at least PR-0 blogs should accept his offer. Then I wondered for a moment and emailed him for sites he had contacted for link exchange. The first site was Tech Crunch, next was Mashable and the high profile blog list continued. I wondered again why those sites will exchange links? I was happy that he didn’t contact Google for link exchange! Choose a blog for link exchange wisely is all that I want to suggest.

2. Don’t Exchange Links With Adult Sites / Auto Sites

Exchanging links with such sites is like destroying our site’s search engine ranks. Links from such sites hardly add any value. Links from auto blogs or sites and adult sites may harm your site badly. They may perhaps spoil all your SEO! So always try avoiding links with such sites.

3. Avoid Exchanging Links With Blogs Not Related To Your Blog Niche

Suppose you own a technology blog and you you exchange links with sports blogs, the links swill hardly add any value to your search engine rankings and page rank. Instead Google may penalize your site for such links. So always try avoiding link exchange with unrelated sites or blogs.

4. Make Sure You Get Do Follow Links

Some sites under pretext of link exchange may give you no-follow links. So before exchanging links always make sure the links you receive are do follow because no follow links won’t give you any link juice. After link exchange always check if the link is do follow.

5. Permanent Links Are Useful, Temporary Are Useless

Permanent links are useful for a blog SEO, while temporary links are very harmful. So try exchanging links with reliable bloggers and sites so that your link stays on their blog or site for a long time and not just a few weeks or months.

Having any more link building tips? If yes, ‘We are interested in knowing them.’ We appreciate comments, Tweets, FaceBook shares, etc.

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  1. Agree with your point that one should only exchange links with blogs having same/less PR….. I am wondering how that guy thought of exchanging link with techcrunch, mashable… :-O

  2. Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers says:

    Best way of link building is article submission and commenting on other blogs :)

  3. Great tips on link building. What about commenting on blogs? Is this a good method to build links?

  4. Alex Papa says:

    Hi Saksham, the issue of link building is very controversial. Most people will agree that getting links from low PR sites or from link farms will be detrimental to your blog. At the same time, most bloggers will agree that getting links from high PR blogs, in the form of guest posting it can be valuable for your blogs SEO. Would other forms of linking, such as CommentLuv links or KeywordLuv links be really useful. Are these high quality links or are they downgraded by search engines line Google? Any advice would be useful!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the links from high profile blogs and sites will be downgraded by Google and other SE’s. They are also considered as normal links I assume. Well if your blog is a tech blog and you write in a highly popular tech blog, as the links are related I don’t think Google will cause any harm! :)

  5. Great article very much helpful, but never knew that exchanging with high PR doesn’t works :P look forward to follow your blog for such great articles

    • Anonymous says:

      Exchanging with high PR blogs certainly works, but many high PR blogs won’t accept link exchange I bet! :)

  6. Christopher Roberts says:

    Great points, especially about nofollow – very true, common misconception.

    You have got me thinking, my tech blog is a PR 2, but with all the link building and SEO I have been doing, I expect this to rise significantly – interested in a link exchange? Please visit my Technology Blog to check it out :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I will visit the blog for sure, but won’t be able to exchange links. Stopped link exchange these days! :)

      • Christopher Roberts says:

        Good to here you will be visiting, but may I ask why you have stopped link exchanges? SEO reasons, and if so why?

        • Anonymous says:

          Well link exchanges wasn’t proving that beneficial as many blogs with whom I exchanged links or who contacted me for link exchange has lot of outgoing links which gave very less value to each backlink. So it was useless to do link exchange. So I’ve stopped it entirely!

  7. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great tips Saksham.I use most of the tips you have mentioned in your post.

  8. I get requests all the time in my email account from one site or another. I ignore them as I don’t want to have to manage the links and make sure the other site continues to link back to me. Instead a joined a link sharing network that handles this management chore for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, link sharing network seems to be a great idea. Can you please tell us what is that link sharing network?

  9. Really funny :D …..How can he expect link exchange from techcrunch.!!!! :)

  10. Nice tips mate but what about articles directory and directory submission.

  11. Great tips.I’ll try to follow.

  12. Anyone may succeed with making money online with hard works and efforts. Just keep on reading and informed with the pros and cons. Keep on learning through post or articles like this. It will help. Thank you for your unending support to newbies. This is of great help. Thank you.

  13. TechVista says:

    Commenting on similar niche dofollow blogs and exchaning link with them help a lot in link building. Also, active in forums help.

  14. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger says:

    Hey great post, lot of info on it. But how exactly should I exchange links with other webmaster in our niche? how do I find them? even though I find him, should I ask him randomly?

    • Yeah, you can ask him randomly. You can search for top commentators list in blogs, commentators in your blog, search in google, etc.

  15. Super Glue says:

    Great article and helpful tips. It’s nice to see that people still take the time to teach others by offering free advice and information. That’s what keeps `em coming back!

  16. i liked your very first point

  17. Exchanging link with Tech Crunch and Mashable? Smh! Some guys just refuse to choose loneliness and call it freedom O_o

  18. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says:

    Hi saksham Great tips bro!!

    And it is very funny, Is that a happened incident? Did that person contacted Techcrunch for link exchange? Very Funny!!! :)

    Also i would like to know how can we check whether the link is do follow or no follow?
    I dont know how to check it. Please clarify my doubts

    • Anonymous says:

      Well that’s what he said to me! I am not sure if he really did that. :D

      Well you can use the nodofollow addon for Firefox, its not compatible with Firefox 4.. :(

      And you can use the add on called Nofollow Checker for Chrome. It’s a nice add on.

  19. affiliateblog.com.au says:

    Nice to know this i will submit and try and get a blog link installed onto one of the sites thanks for your post cya affiliateblog.com.au

  20. Nice to checkout the blogging tips to exchange links. Can you please tell me if there is any other way to get page rank without link exchange or begging someone for links ?
    I am running a blog in which I add topics which I like and it is not a particular technology or entertainment or tips blog.I add whatever I like on internet.Like My last post is a video on Tsunami in Japan .Please tell me how can I increase my pagerank ?

    • Anonymous says:


      Well for general niche blogs it’s difficult to build a pagerank. Well you can easily build links without begging people bu guest posting on other blogs. This way you can just write an article and try getting it published on a blog. Find blogs related to your niche – general niche in your case and guest post on them with a link to your blog. As your blog is a general niche blog, you can probably guest post on any blog!

  21. vikas@niche bloggers says:

    Link Building is easy. We can get easy backlinks by commenting and guest blogging on other sites.

  22. Mick Lehr says:

    As you see in #3 above–irrelevant backlinks and sites that aren’t high quality will not help your SERP

  23. formica countertops says:

    Yes i agree with this 5 ways to exchange link, but my question is, this is enough to build your links and to get more traffic? how about submission and commenting on other blogs i think it also great way to build you link…Thanks for your share..

    • Anonymous says:

      They are useful too. I use submission and commentating a lot. These were just link exchange tips and doesn’t involve commentating and submission :)

  24. I’m still working on my pagerank hope It can increase soon and like you said it make me more confidence to exchange link with less PR blog

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish you luck for increasing your page rank. try doing guest posts on blogs to get useful backlinks!

      • Ron Artwood says:

        Yes, I thin guest post on other blogs can be a great way to build healthy link. I recently start my own blog in technology news and I am seeking to build healthy link. But as you can understand my blog is as per now only less than one month old. Can we make cooperation? If you give me permission, I would write a post for your blog and you let me put the link to my blog in it. Of course further details, like for theme and words count can be discussed. I’d appreciate any response for this inquiry. :-D

        • Anonymous says:

          Sure Rob. You can contact me using the contact form or e-mail mentioned at the contact page regarding guest blogging :)

  25. michael says:

    How do you find out what sites are linking to your site?

  26. Barbara says:

    I Totally Agree With You Rajan! This Is The Best Way. thank you

  27. link building matter very much when it comes to increasing your page rank and commenting on other blogs of your niche is what i can say the best way…….

  28. Daniel White says:

    In regards to #2, Google considers a lot of adult orientated websites to be “bad neighborhood” websites in which case if Google sees you linking to them it can get you penalized and that’s no good.

    Just be careful of who you link with, and always check your link exchanges often as some people like to pull a tactic of the switch-a-roo, where they present you with a link to a site that seems perfectly fine and then changes it around to be an adult orientated website. I’ve had this happen before on my old webmaster blog, I exchanged links with another webmaster blog and then a few weeks later I checked the site again and it turned into a pornography website.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aah, such cases are rare, but yes we need to be vigilant and keep on checking our link exchanges! Some people may cheat us.

      BTW, thanks for cautioning us.

      • Thanks a lot for the tips. Although is commenting on other website really that effective ? I mean, how many comments linked to your website do you need to post to get google to notice you ? hundreds, thousands ?

        • Anonymous says:

          Even ten will do. It all depends on the popularity and authority of the site you comment. A dofollow comment on a popular blog will get your blog indexed quickly.

  29. Hey i like ur article…….really its very usefull tips u have kept.
    thank u ..
    send some more interesting tips

  30. VIKAS KASHYAP says:




  31. having to many links on your website can lower the the pagerank.

  32. Jason@ pain in arch of foot says:

    I haven’t had much luck exchanging links and I see that I broke a few of the rules you listed. Thanks

  33. Aman@blogogeek says:

    Excellently written! Thanks for the tip that your links should be dofollow. As, the links would be of no use if i build nofollow links.

  34. I agree with your tips, that why my site just only have small partner links, search relavan site :-)

  35. hey saksham i want you to review my blog and tell me what should i do to increase my pagerank. cause currently my all blogs have pr 0 . how to improve a pagerank ??? and how much time i should wait before applying adsense? right now i have daily upto 100 visits to my blog … is that sufficient and i have total unique content though i have very less posts
    my blog is http://how-notes.blogspot.com

    • and yes my new blog which has daily 100 visits is just a 15 days or something old

      • Hey thanks for the interesting post. I have always wondered though, whether google values links on sites that are of relevance to your website more? Or is a link just a link and it makes no difference?

  36. why wouldn’t a high PR site link to a lower pr website? thinking that mainly the backlinks count and not the outbound links. the fact that you connect to a low site doesn’t mean that the PR flows away.

  37. Jerome says:

    Good backlinks are hard to find.


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