Are Classifieds Useful for Bloggers?

By Saksham Talwar

[Written by Pulkit]

If you have been a part of ever growing field of internet, then you must be familiar with the value of getting traffic for your blog. Most of the blogs depend on social media to get traffic to their blogs. While most of the bloggers use the advertising method to earn from their blogs, they don’t use them to advertise their own blog. This may be due to lack of finance for the blog or not having nerds to make investment on blog.

Well, whatever the reason is, I hardly find any blog’s promotion as advertisement. The advertisement can bring lots of traffic to your blog, the traffic, which is interested to visit your blog as well. While scrolling through the pages of internet, you must have come across the Classified sites which either charge you some dollars to post your ads or allow you to post ads for free. But did you ever bother to try them? Can the classifieds bring potential traffic to your blog?

Don’t be confused with this puzzling question. Let’s try to find out the answer in this post.

Get Traffic to Your Blog

Nothing is more important than getting traffic to blog. You might have good content on your blog, but all the efforts are just waste if you don’t have any reader to read that. The classifieds can bring the traffic to you. In Fact, the traffic that you get via the classifieds is some times better than that you get from social media. As classified. only those people who are interested in your blog’s niche, visit the site and if your blog becomes able to attract their eye in the first impression, then the one time visitor that you get from classifieds can ultimately turn into  reader.

Find Advertisers For Blog

As it’s clear from the history’s book of classified advertisements, these have been able to attract other advertisers. Yeah, the idea of attracting another advertiser by your advertisement seems to be interesting and in fact, it really happens. You can create a classified of selling Ad space on your blog. The advertiser will find your classified listed in the classified listing websites and it he/she finds your blog interesting, then you will get an advertiser for your blog.

Offer Your Services

You might be finding this point as surprising one as the best way to offer your services is your blog itself. But it’s also sad point that through your blog, you can come across the people of your blog’s niche only. Your services might be interesting for others as well. But as your blog is getting traffic which is interested in your niche, so it will restrict your reach to the potential customers. For example, if you are expert in web designing and blog setup, but running an entertainment blog, then there is not any benefit of placing the services link on your blog as every visitor of your blog is interested in getting some entertainment stuff and there may be hardly one out of thousands who will just see your services.  Count is even low for persons who really hire you for your services.

Build Your Blog as Brand Name

As a blogger, you will come across many other bloggers. To get help from them and to engage with them in a better way, you need to set up a brand power of your blog’s name. The classifieds can help you to make so. By placing a classified for your blog, you don’t only attract other bloggers, but also make them sure that you are not any normal so called blogger, who starts blogging, promote blog for a short time and then leaves blogging. By classifieds, you show other bloggers that you are serious about blogging and wish to be in the up coming shining bloggers’ list.

Hire Others For Your Blogging Needs

As your blog grows, it becomes hard for you to manage it alone. If you are also finding it hard to manage blog or want to get some work done out of your approach like designing, logo etc. then you need to hire others. Hiring the talented persons is not an easy task but classifieds can make it a bit. You can post your requisition letter as classified on various classified sites and can interview the interested candidates to find the best one for you.

So it was the list of some good points of classifieds for bloggers. There are some negative effects as well, but it’s not any mind disturbing thing as nothing is perfect and so the classifieds for bloggers are. The negative points are not too big to be listed here in this post. I hope you get the enough information to decide whether the classifieds are good for bloggers or not. What do you think about it? Do let your thoughts and answers come via the comment section below.


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  1. Hi Saksham,

    Great Post! It is an informative one to know so much about the utility for classified in blog post, to increase web traffic which is of prime most importance.

    The second last point is the most striking one after all who doesn’t want to be a brand name.

    Thanks and Regards………