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Are Classifieds Useful for Bloggers?

[Written by Pulkit] If you have been a part of ever growing field of internet, then you must be familiar with the value of getting traffic for your blog. Most of the blogs depend on social media to get traffic to their blogs. While most of the bloggers use the advertising method to earn from […]

A Hectic Week & Then An IndiMeet By Nokia Which…

Like any other week in a college student’s life, this week was hectic too – assignments, tests, practicals, grades and firing! But there was something which kept me happy throughout. Yes, an IndiBlogger meet. Due to board exams and entrance exams I never really got a chance to participate in blogger meets, but the next […] URL Shortener- Simplest & Fastest url shortener 1

For a blogger or a hardcore file uploader it becomes a messy job to manage the lengthy links of the blog posts and the uploaded files. To overcome these tedious scenarios the URL Shortner services provides the unique short links for every lengthy link inputted to them. There are numerous url shortner services available online but […]

Generate a Name for Your Domain

Choosing a domain name has lately become the most difficult task. Most of the good domain names are already taken either by individuals, domain collectors or corporates. Domain buying and selling is a flourishing business and thus most good domains have already been captured by someone and as a result very few good domain names are […]

Instant Domain Search

Whether you are setting up an online business or starting a new blog, you need a domain to start. Most of us consider registering a domain first before doing anything else. And rightly so! Domains were always precious as a good one could make you a millionaire and now that most of the good domains […]

How to Register a Domain Name

Every online business needs an address, every blog needs a URL and that’s why registering a domain name is an important task. A domain is something like or You can register a domain in your name even if you don’t own a company. Registering a domain name is very easy and it normally doesn’t […]

Why Should You Use CPM Ads?

Go through your blog’s traffic stats and you’d notice that you get visitors from a variety of traffic sources like search engines, social bookmarking sites, Facebook, Twitter, referral traffic, return visitors, etc. While the search engine traffic is believed to click on advertisements, the other traffic aka non-organic traffic does not convert well. Non-organic visitors […]

StudioPress Theme Selection Tool

StudioPress Theme Selection Tool

We all know how difficult it is to find a good theme for our blog. It’s one of the most challenging and most tough decisions to be taken before starting a blog or when you are planning to make a change in your site’s design. Not all of us are design experts or know what […]

CPM Advertising Network – Top 31

casale media screenshot

If you often check your blog stats, you’d notice that most of the visitors either come from search engines like Google &  Yahoo or networking sites like StumbleUpon and Facebook. While organic traffic converts well, traffic from networking sites like the ones mentioned above and your return visitors does not convert well. Non-organic traffic usually does […]

Website Builder Reviews – The Best Website Builders Covered

I had long back stopped using website builders as many available then were boring and I had found better content management systems like WordPress. But lately, I’ve found a handful of good website builders which have helped me create attractive websites for my clients. While most of WordPress themes are entirely based on HTML, PHP, […]